Post US Civil War

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Post US Civil War by Mind Map: Post US Civil War

1. What are the similarities between the Spanish American War and the War with Mexico?

1.1. Mexican American war began: refused to recognize the independence of Texas, Manifest Destiny was focusing US interest on westward expansion. Spanish American war began: Spanish propaganda led by journalists used yellow journalism to criticize Spanish administration of Cuba.

1.2. Mexican-American war: The Mexicans lost the was because of the treaty which gave the US control of Texas. Spanish-American war: Spain lost its New World empire which gave the US victory

1.3. Mexican American war- Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. Spanish-American war: Treaty of Paris

1.4. Spanish- American war: US wanted to expand their territory and take control of Cuba.Mexican-American war: US wanted Texas territory

2. Can we read the Spanish American War as a continuation of manifest destiny? Why?

2.1. Spanish American War was about race

2.2. African American were incorporated into the US military

2.3. Blacks who served seen as substandard citizens and soldiers

2.4. Manifest destiny called for American expansion, western settlement, Native American removal and war with Mexico

2.5. So yes we could say that the Spanish American War is like a continuation of manifest destiny due to the after effect the war cause between people of color

3. What were the differences and similarities of the process of becoming white for Italians and Jews?

3.1. Jews and Italians were both considered non-white

3.2. Climbed the social-economic ladder

3.3. Mixing of races with northern and western European descent

3.4. Abandoning cultures and becoming more American

4. What was the impact of Jim Crow laws?

4.1. Jim Crow laws originated from the black codes and were legal, gave whites superiority but some believed separated and unequal was unfair

4.2. Separate black and white

4.3. Africans being scared with lynchings and beatings

4.4. People of color seen as slaves, workers, inferior...Given the lowest jobs

4.5. Racial segregation in all public facilities, discrimination against African Americans.

5. What does it mean to be white in the US?

5.1. Having the right to vote without discrimantion

5.2. Having the right to the good jobs and not go through poverty as African Americans

5.3. Not being discriminated or looked as inferior

5.4. More opportunities both in education and work

5.5. Having a wealthier position and access to better facilities

6. How does one become white in the US?

6.1. Citizenship and naturalization

6.2. One drop rule

6.3. Becoming white whit limitations

7. Jim Crow laws

8. Immigration

9. Whitness