NAPLAN - Should Australia continue with this testing regime?

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NAPLAN - Should Australia continue with this testing regime? by Mind Map: NAPLAN  -  Should Australia continue with this testing regime?

1. Parent impact

1.1. Parents are concerned with teachers skills in the classroom

1.1.1. Concerned over own child's results

1.1.2. concerned with schools over all teaching quality

1.2. Can compare with "Like" schools.

1.2.1. Helps assist with picking of school

1.3. Tax money spent on printing of naplan exams, paying for preparing of the exam

2. Impact on curriculum

2.1. Challenges higher performance from teachers and students

2.2. School benefits

2.2.1. Financial

2.2.2. Could gain a numeracy or literacy specialist

2.2.3. bragging rights over other schools

2.2.4. attracts better quality teachers to independent schools

2.3. Acknowledges teachers importance of literature and numeracy skills

2.4. Less time spent on the current curriculum

2.4.1. Teachers teach to naplan not Australian curriculum

2.4.2. Loss of teaching time due to delivering naplan exam

3. Impact on Teaching

3.1. Helps identify strength and weakness in students

3.2. Identify's students needs

3.3. Loss of teaching time for the curriculum

4. Impact on student learning

4.1. Some students avoid school with fear of failure, or asked to stay away

4.2. Causes students to become ill and anxious

4.3. Teaches students to push themselves and study more

4.4. Missing classes if missed sitting Naplan

5. Impact on schools

5.1. Causes competition between schools

5.2. My Schools website standings

5.3. Loss of staff to write and mark exams

5.4. disruption of school timetable

5.5. Extra staff requirements

5.5.1. Relief teachers required, loss of finance for schools

5.6. catch up exams for students

6. Impact on student well being

6.1. Stress on student's

6.2. Helps set acedemic goals for students

6.3. Students too focused on passing Naplan