Post US Civil War

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Post US Civil War by Mind Map: Post US Civil War

1. Impact of Jim Crow Laws

1.1. The Effects on Education

1.1.1. Segregated Schools

1.1.2. Black kids were not given same opportunities as white kids.

1.1.3. Black children were given poorer learning conditions such as broken desk etc.

1.2. Housing and Jobs

1.2.1. Blacks and whites were segregated in the work force and black could not live in a neighborhood were there were whites also living there.

1.2.2. Blacks and whites were also not allowed to marry one another

1.3. Voting Rights

1.3.1. Black men were not alowed to vote

1.3.2. To register to vote was costly so it kept from poor black and even white men from voting.

2. Plessy vs Ferguson

2.1. A colored man, by biological terms, named Homer Plessy went to jail for sitting in the white car of a railroad track.

2.2. Seperate but equal was what was agreed on. There was still able to be black and white railroad cars but just as long as they were equal

3. Reconstruction and Its Aftermath

3.1. The south did not take to well to the fact that the blaccks were now free people

3.2. The new amendments that were put in place allowed african americans to:

3.3. Vote

3.4. actively participate in the political things,

3.5. Acquire land and use public accommodations.

4. The Spanish-American War

4.1. the US wanted to gain more and claim more properties because other countries were expanding

4.2. The US thought it could expand its power by also taking Spains resoources

4.3. The Spanish-American War ended in in U.S. control of territories in the western Pacific and Latin America.

5. White Negros and Smoked Irish

5.1. The Irish became white

5.2. The IIrish made the decision to embrace white people and culture thus becoming part of the system which dominated and oppressed blacks.

5.3. Even though for a long time they lived and work and were often categorized with blacks.

6. How did the Jews become white folks

6.1. Jews were not considered black or had blackness ways in them

6.2. After reviews of their culture it came to be very similar to "American" culture.

6.3. Jewish attitude toward blacks was mandatory for them to be accepted as white.