Software Factories

software factories mindmap

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Software Factories by Mind Map: Software Factories

1. Comparison Between Other Tools

1.1. It is focused on solving small specific business problem

1.2. It reaches out to larger markets that needs a high quality product

1.3. High Productivity

2. Understanding Software Factories

3. When not to build Software Factories

3.1. The solution domain is unknown or untried

3.2. The solution domain is broad and generic

3.3. Developers do not possess the domain skills, knowledge, and experience of this solution domain

3.4. Confronted with a new business/problem domain

3.5. Dedication of most skilled domain experts to the project is not possible

3.6. There are no means to obtain them

4. Attributes of Software Factories

4.1. Runs within and configures Visual Studio

4.2. Uses Abstraction

4.3. Creates a Product

4.4. Facilitates Customization

5. Who Uses Software Factories

5.1. developers

5.2. designers

5.3. testers

6. Software Factories Developed

6.1. EFx Factory

6.2. Smart Client

6.3. Web Service

6.4. Mobile Client

6.5. Web Client Software Factory