Bloom's Taxonomy

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Bloom's Taxonomy by Mind Map: Bloom's Taxonomy

1. Knowledge

1.1. Fill in the blank/define quizzes

1.2. Mnemonic devices

1.3. Silly reference point to remember terms

1.4. Quizlet quizzes

1.5. re-writing notes

1.6. Ask what do you know already? and what do you not know?

1.7. Saying and repeating terms (especially for foreign language)

1.8. Timelines for History

1.9. Say, write and explain important definitions for terms

2. Comprehension

2.1. Check for understanding at the end of the session, ask to explain what was discussed

2.2. re-writing notes

2.3. manipulating equations without numbers in formulas

2.4. Ask what do you remember from our last session?

2.5. Checking for understanding of why a problem was worked a certain way

3. Application

3.1. flow chart for BIO (processes in the body)

3.2. working out a problem

3.3. Provide examples and ask students to provide examples (logic especially)

3.4. Putting logic rules into a sentence with examples in proofs.

3.5. Creating example sentences for verb conjugations

3.6. connecting different historical events

3.7. drawing timelines of cash flows for finance

3.8. Graphs for Econ

3.9. Use logic rules to explain how to work a problem and plug in different examples

4. Analysis

4.1. Drawing pictures of processes from BIO

4.2. re-working problems backwards

4.3. Venn Diagrams/Charts

5. Synthesis

5.1. Examples of questions from the teacher

5.2. Building (revisiting where content comes from in previous courses)

6. Evaluation

6.1. Looking at the answer to a problem and explaining what it means

6.2. Talking through essay question answers