Security Alerts

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Security Alerts by Mind Map: Security Alerts

1. Customer information alerts

1.1. A1.1 Customer Information Alerts - Contact data - mobile number changed in BCSI”

1.1.1. telnr/gsm

1.1.2. email

1.2. A1.2 Customer Information Alerts - Contact data – email address changed in BCSI”

1.3. A1.3 Customer Information Alerts - legal data – legal address changed in BCSI (other streetcode)”

1.3.1. via e-Id

1.3.2. other

1.4. A1.4 Customer Information Alerts - legal data – legal address declared invalid in BCSI

1.4.1. VZA paper letters return because the address was not valid.

1.4.2. send an sms or email: your address seems not to be valid, can you please adjust/confirm this?

1.5. other data – changed in BCSI

1.6. Change in roles of persons on contracts

1.6.1. new role / modified role / deleted role – contract opened / modified / closed” (to be split up)

1.7. legal data – identity document become overdue

1.7.1. trigger = the day a identity document becomes invalid

1.7.2. action: upload new identity doc via home or smartbank, (e-id reader) or go to the agency

2. Verification

2.1. A1.5 Verification phone number - SMS code

2.2. A1.6 Verification device - Registration code

2.3. Verification emailaddress One Time Password - verification email

3. Possible candidate for launch in Q4 2015

4. Access management

4.1. A1.7 Mobile as an Access Mean - Login request via Mobile

4.2. A1.8 Mobile as an Access Mean - Signature request via Mobile

4.3. A1.9 New device enrolled

4.4. One Time Password - Step up security

4.5. Password reset

4.6. Device revoked

4.7. Alert on wrong credentials

4.8. "Unusual Account Activity geolocation mismatch"

4.9. Login from abroad

5. Other

5.1. New beneficiary added

5.2. Security settings changed daily limits...

5.3. Unusual Account Activity

5.4. Awereness (jan)