Tools to Enhance Academic Skills

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Tools to Enhance Academic Skills by Mind Map: Tools to Enhance Academic Skills

1. Reading a Research Paper

1.1. Basic Skills according to Peter Klein are:

1.2. Critique the paper

1.3. Compare and contrast all the papers

1.3.1. find similar themes and argumenets

2. Writing a Research Paper

2.1. Two types of Research Paper

2.1.1. Argumentative research paper

2.1.2. Analytical research paper

2.2. Topic

2.3. Audience

2.4. Brainstorming

2.4.1. Brainstorming gives you an idea on what you want to include in your paper. This also gives you a chance to layout your paper which is a great skill to organize your paper

3. Academic Integrity

3.1. Plagiarism is when you take someone else's work and don't give them credit and write it as your own. Never plagiarism someone else's work for your own.

3.1.1. Consequences of plagiarism are; failing grade of assignment and course. A student can get expelled for plagiarizing as well.

3.2. Always give the writer credit when you are using their work. Use quotes when using someone else's work so the reader knows that particular work is not yours and you have borrowed it.

3.3. Taking the quiz helps you understand what plagiarism is and how you can catch plagiarism.

4. Sources