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YouTube 15 Minutes a Workday by Mind Map: YouTube
15 Minutes a Workday
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YouTube 15 Minutes a Workday


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Why YouTube, why now?

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YouTube Turns Five, Over 2 Billion Views a Day (May 2010, YouTube), world’s leading online video community, every minute, 24 hours of video is uploaded to YouTube, Hundreds of millions of videos are being watched each day day on YouTube., 2nd largest search engine

15 Minutes a Workday

Getting started, Create a YouTube Account, YouTube Community Guidelines, Create your Brand Channel, Why Have a Channel on YouTube?, Review Your Industry on YouTube, Subscribe, Subscribe, Subscribe, Apply, YouTube EDU, Non Profit Program, Ad Programs, Add YouTube to your work week, Daily, Check Your Homepage (5-10 Minutes), Watch Videos, Comment, Share, Weekly, Create, Original Videos, YouTube Help Center, Producing and Uploading Your Own Videos, Review, Monthly, Customize (5 Minutes), Private Homepage, Public Channel, Video: YouTube 101, Insights, Your audience on YouTube, YouTube Insights