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SYMES' Homebase by Mind Map: SYMES' Homebase

1. Eddie

1.1. Beach Clean up

1.1.1. I chose this project because i wanted to do something to help the environment. There are so many people in the world now that if we don't take care of our environment

2. Riya

2.1. PlayFit Camp

2.1.1. I choose the PlayFit Camp was my service project because I feel that many kids in our grade are focusing on helping the needy through building houses and raising money, and though that is also really important, I feel that health and staying fit is also a major issue in our society and no one really focuses on fixing it. Thats why I want to start helping young kids understand the importance of excersize and fitness through a summer summer camp where we teach kids how to stay fit through various sports.

3. Grace

3.1. Roots n Shoots

3.2. I am spreading how to save the environment through social media. Social media is a huge part in peoples lives today so spreading these ideas through social media will hopefully get the point across.

4. Rachel

4.1. CFC

4.1.1. I chose the Caring for Cambodia Service Trip because I think that one of the most important things in your life is school. As much as I don't like school, it's so important to learn even things like basic math for the future ahead. While I was in Cambodia we paved the pavement, painted desks and chairs, and we served the kids their breakfast. It bothers me that kids have to wake up so early to go to a school and not even have enough money to get breakfast at home. It's sad to think that there are kids out there who don't have even enough money to do the daily things we do.

5. Moe

5.1. Tabitha

5.2. I chose the Tabitha Housebuilding project because I think that in order for poverty to be changed, a home is needed. Just by building a stable house that has a roof, a source of food, protection, and a source of income is possible. By living in one of the Tabitha houses, residents can raise their family, create crafts to sell, and raise animals as well. What bothers me in the world is the amount of poverty in the world. Poverty is an endless cycle that passes onto generation to generation. Lack of money in any country across the globe causes for the generations to be uneducated, unhealthy, and working as slaves.

6. Hayeon

6.1. Tabitha

6.2. I chose to join the Tabitha housebuilding foundation to help build homes for the less unfortunate people in Cambodia, and also to makes sure that the future generations of Cambodia have a sustainable home and shelter. I also took this service project as an opportunity to learn about the culture and past history of Cambodia.

7. Perry

7.1. Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen

7.1.1. I chose this project because I was inspired by a video to help the homeless and learn humility. I realised not to take anything for granted because many people are not as privileged as ourselves. I would be happier if I was able to help the people who are not as privileged people.

8. Andrew

8.1. I chose this project because I'm an athletic person and I decided that one way I can help out others while doing what I like could be doing the long walk for water because it includes raising money for wells by walking. I'm going to walk 28 k and try to build at least 2 wells.

8.2. Long Walk For Water

9. Lucas

9.1. Tabitha

9.2. I choose to go to Cambodia to build houses for people who need them. I choose to go to Cambodia to build houses because it is sustainable.

10. Elaina

10.1. GK