Brazil Pros & Cons

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Brazil Pros & Cons by Mind Map: Brazil Pros & Cons

1. Cons

1.1. The cost of money that Brazil will be paying to build the stadium.

1.1.1. After the time Brazil finish building the stadium they will be losing large amount of money. Building the world cup stadium and hosting it will cost over billions of money. If they don't put enough money to it making it look good, other countries will think that Brazil is a poor country.

1.2. Having to build more buildings.

1.2.1. After Brazil building more airports, hotel, and restaurant for the people coming from out of state, those places won''t be much useful. Brazil building a lot of stuffs for the only one event is not really that good because they will be making spaces for those building to be built and they will be spending a of money.

1.3. Forcing people to move out of their houses so there will be room to build the stadium.

1.3.1. When building the stadium people will have to be moving to new homes. People will have to use their money to buy new houses because if the government is not going to help the pay for their new homes. The people will have to spend their money on houses and they will have to go and find new jobs.

2. Pros

2.1. Anything that gets built, gets to stay for the people in Brazil to use.

2.1.1. Since later in the future people in Brazil might need to use some of the places or stuffs that are getting build for the world cup, so it would be better if the places and stuffs are getting built now so they could just use it in the future.

2.2. The workers in companies gets to learn new stuffs about the customers and new languages.

2.2.1. If workers are having a hard time with their jobs they could have a break from their jobs and learn about what will be going on during the world cup and they will get a chance to be learning new stuffs about the people and their countries.

2.3. Brazil could bond between different countries and the business could go a little easier.

2.3.1. This will make companies in Brazil have a better relationship with other companies in other country. Companies will have a better time selling off their goods in different countries.

3. Brazil Stadium

3.1. If the Brazil stadium is going to be this big then the government will have to provide a lot of money to build the stadium. They will have to find a big empty place where they can build the stadium, or the people would have to move out of their place.

4. Summary

4.1. The people in Brazil are deciding to either build the stadium for the world cup or to not build the stadium. If the government in Brazil are going to build the stadium they are going to have to build airports also because people from different countries are also going to come and see Brazil host the world cup for soccer. If the government is deciding not to build the stadium then it will be very hard for Brazil to become friends with other countries.

5. Brazil Protesting

5.1. Some people in Brazil do not agree for the government to be doing this because it will make Brazil become a poor state. Protesters are rather wanting for the money to be use for the people in the country. It would rather be better if the money were used for school and hospitals.

6. Brazil Fans

6.1. Even though people in Brazil do not like for the government to be doing like this, people from other country are fans of the Brazil Soccer Team. Fans of the Brazil Soccer Team will be supporting Brazil to build the stadium for the World Cup and hopefully they will also come to watch the world cup that Brazil will be hosting.

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8. My Opinion

8.1. I think that Brazil should not build the stadium because due to the people that are living in the place where the government want to build the stadium. The government can't just tell people to move out of their houses just to build the stadium. The cost of money should be for better use than building the stadium and airports for one event. The reason why I think they shouldn't build the stadium for the world cup because even though it may be good for the country it might not be good for the people, the people might not want to be moving out of their places for a stadium that is only going to be used once in a year.

9. Brazil Soccer Team

9.1. The Brazil Soccer Team.