My Animated Short Story

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My Animated Short Story by Mind Map: My Animated Short Story

1. What is the concept?

1.1. To use computer animation techniques to create a product.

2. Who is the client?

2.1. Digital Myths.

3. What do I need to communicate in my design?

3.1. To encourage reading, creative writing, and, most importantly, to entertain the viewers.

4. Who is the target audience?

4.1. Young school children, 5-11 years.

5. What is the Unit Question?

5.1. How can we use digital media to tell a story?

6. What is my role as a Junior Animator?

6.1. My role as a Junior Animator is to animate a short story.

7. What do i need to start researching?

7.1. How to design a new product which meets all the specifications described in the challenge. How to design an animated short story using a storyboard which clearly shows timings. How to appropriately manage resources and time. How to implement best practice animation techniques. How to use the principles of graphic design. How to use layers, motion tweens, animation techniques, scenes and library symbols. How to use a range of file formats for digital media products. How to collaborate and work in teams when finding the best solution.

8. What is the aim?

8.1. To encourage reading, to educate about creative writing and, most importantly, to entertain young school children (5-11 yrs).