Grade 9 students should be required to study Twelfth Night.

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Grade 9 students should be required to study Twelfth Night. by Mind Map: Grade 9 students should be required to study Twelfth Night.

1. Helps students learn language skills

1.1. Glossary assists with learning

1.2. Learn vocabulary

2. Helps students learn about literature

2.1. explore complex plots and subplots

2.2. learn about comedy as a genre

2.3. learn about literary devices like simile, metaphor

2.4. learn about poetry, including iambic pentameter

3. Con: grade 9 students might find complex plotlines difficult to understand.

3.1. Might lower marks

3.2. might be too difficult for at-risk students who have a lot of academic challenges or learning disabilities.

4. Con: Themes of love in the play aren't appropriate for grade 9 course.

4.1. Romantic situations, like the love triangle, are more appropriate for more mature audiences

4.2. Orsino is a poor role model for young people, as he is poorly suited to a committed relationship.

5. Themes of love ARE appropriate

5.1. Shows different types of love

5.2. Students will eventually have to deal with all the complex challenges of romantic relationships.

5.3. Teaches a lesson of hope that everyone eventually finds the right romantic partner. For example, eventually Olivia finds Sebastian.

5.4. Shows the importance of passion in relationships. Shows that you must devote yourself to family love.

6. Teaches great morals like loyalty

6.1. Viola keeping promise to Orsino even when its difficult.

6.2. Con: it doesn't loyalty, because we see the false friendship between Andrew and Toby

6.3. Malvolio shows loyalty to Olivia

6.4. Antonio demonstrates strong loyalty to Sebastian.

7. Teaches selflessness

8. Con: doesn't teach morals

8.1. Toby is a likeable character who gets drunk frequently; not a good role model

8.2. The prank shows cruelty and a lack of empathy