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Education Services Review by Mind Map: Education Services Review
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Education Services Review

The University of Wisconsin–River Falls is a liberal arts university located in River Falls, Wisconsin. The 226-acre campus is situated on the scenic Kinnickinnic River in the St. Croix River valley. The university contains 32 major buildings and two laboratory farms with a total of 440 acres of land. UWRF has an enrollment of over 6,900 students in more than 40 undergraduate and graduate programs. Part of the University of Wisconsin System, it is a member of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities. Also a member of the American Council of Education Internationalization Laboratory, UWRF provides several global studies and study abroad programs. The university has devoted itself to sustainability by creating the St. Croix Institute for Sustainable Community Development. Athletic programs at UWRF compete in the Wisconsin Intercollegiate Athletic Conference in all sports except men's and women's ice hockey, currently members of the Northern Collegiate Hockey Association. The men's ice hockey team has won three national championships.

Programming and Service Delivery

team approach

Divisional supports, Clinicians, therapists

School based team, Resource/guidance, educational assistant, Administrator, Parents, EAL support

instructional and assessment practices

Differentiated instruction

profiling students

engagement strategies

common philosophy

appropriate education

philosophy of inclusion

continuum of supports

need assessments

classroom profiles

transition protocols

IEP planning/follow-up

maximizing resources



Training and Professional Development

instructional strategies

Differentiated instruction



reading interventions

Responsive Classroom

Alert ( sensory integration)

Student specific needs


Deaf and HOH

Visually impaired


mental health issues

multiple handicaps

Safe schools


Threat Assessment

Life Space Crisis Intervention


Consistent message

Divisional philosophy, Appropriate education, Philosophy of inclusion, Continuum of supports

understanding of terminology

timely communication



internal supports

external supports



provincial funding

AAA grant

ECDI grant

Student Services grant

Categorical funding L2/L3

MVSD budget areas

gifted education


special needs classes

regular classes


other services