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3. Should medical science always seek to prolong life? (Nov 2003) by Mind Map: 3. Should medical science always
seek to prolong life? (Nov 2003)
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3. Should medical science always seek to prolong life? (Nov 2003)

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Yes. Medical Science is supposed to save and cure lives.

Role of medical science in today's world

Yes, doctors hold moral and legal responsibility to patients and society at large.

role of doctors in the society

people's expectation

Yes, life is a gift and we should treasure it.

In the past, according to the Bible, Man used to live for hundreds of years


No. The right to die is a fundamental right.

Counter argument: life is a gift and not a choice.

No. Dying is inevitable.

It should be looked upon as a blessing and a purposeful part of an eternal existence

No, not when life is not worth living.

Who makes this judgement?, Is the person in a rational state of mind?

who defines whether a person deserves to end a life "not worth the living?"

No, not in cases of extreme suffering.

Argument 1: prolong life=prolong pain, Counter argument: New drugs and technologies bring new hope, Counter Counter argument: They create agony and angst as hopes vanish.

Argument 2: It denies human dignity.

No, futile to prolong the waning life by preserving the rotting body.

Do not try to cheat death!

Doctors should not feel obligated to extend mortal life by means that are unreasonable


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Definition of medical science

Stem cell science

Genetic engineering

preimplantation genetic diagnosis

medicine and advanced therapies

What is the meaning of "Prolonging life"?

how long is prolong?

Does it lead to betterment of quality of life?


Yes, medical science should seek to prolong life

No, the word "always" should not be used.

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Food for thought

Knowledge is might, but is science always right?

Science governs life, but does it define the quality of life?