Science never provides solutions, it only poses more questions

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Science never provides solutions, it only poses more questions by Mind Map: Science never provides solutions, it only poses more questions

1. Science vs. Religion

1.1. Is there still a need for religion with the advancement of science? if science seems to be able answer all the questions of the universe, why is there still a need for a belief in a greater being?

2. Science in sports

2.1. Will it take away the true meaning of sports? For example, the introduction of goal-line technology in football will almost certainly put an end to "phantom goals". but without these, where is the controversy in sports? wheres the fun? will they saying "the ball is round" still hold through?

2.2. Izit considered cheating? For example the puma blades for handicap runner Pistarios, or the swimsuits which swimmers wore and many world records fallen

3. Solutions breed curiosity ---> questions

3.1. It provides solutions, and in doing so poses more questions. scientist will be constantly pondering on ways to improve the current solution. can it be done in a safer way? can it be done in a more efficient way?

4. Questions

4.1. Who's responsibility izit?

4.1.1. Whos responsibility isit to regulate science? or should there be government intervention in the first place? will external intervention hinder the progress of science?

4.2. What about the poor?

4.2.1. What about the poor?? science is more often than not a privilege which only the rich can afford. did anyone think about the poor? would they be disadvantaged

4.3. Izit right to do so?

4.3.1. Questions regarding moral issues. Izit right to clone? Izit right to condemn people as criminals based on "criminal genes" ?

5. Science in farming

5.1. Solutions

5.1.1. How it has made life easier for many farmers. for example weed killers, herbicides etc.

5.2. Questions

5.2.1. GM Food. isit healthy? How isit better than normal food?

6. Science in education

6.1. provides solutions by making learning much easier.

6.2. While science provides us with solutions with the finding of new truths and knowledge, scientific enquiry is often based on induction (which is based on experimental results)- which means that there will never be an answer to unseen truths (or theories that have not been proven)

7. Science in Medicine

7.1. Questions

7.1.1. Are medicines and medical instruments the ultimate solution to cure diseases? While medicines and medical tools have proven successful in treating many illnesses, the state of 100% success rate has yet been achieved. This poses further questions- where did the treatment go wrong? What can be improved on?

7.1.2. Mercy killing, Stem cell research ---> are all this right?

7.2. Solutions

7.2.1. how science has manage to provide cures to many diseases once taught to be incurable in the past.

8. Solutions

8.1. How science has benefit out lives. as long as can show few examples of these, then the statement is not 100percent fair since it says NEVER.

9. Science in Life

9.1. Questions

9.1.1. Will science ever provide an answer to the existence of life since it is able to create life forms through cloning?

9.1.2. Will the advancement in technology through science truly enhance the quality of live? While certain advancements in technology does bring about higher standards of living, especially in the material aspect, it may not provide a solution to a wholesome quality of life as it fails to address the non-material aspect of our lives. Furthermore, the benefits of certain technologies such as nuclear technology are debatable - while it enhances our life through its generation of electricity, which is essential for many activities, it also poses a threat to our lives with its creation of nuclear weapons, tools of mass destruction which are often used by rogue nations today.