TYS 2001 1. Is sport too closely linked to money these days?

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TYS 2001 1. Is sport too closely linked to money these days? by Mind Map: TYS 2001 1. Is sport too closely linked to money these days?

1. Context: Sportsmen are getting paid more and more for doing their sport. Eg. Real Madrid paid £80 million for Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009 Highest paid footballer, Lionel Messi, earns £29.5million/year, compared to £16million 2 years ago for then highest paid footballer, Ronaldinho, nearly a doubling of the amount

1.1. The amount spent on footballers is ridiculous. What if we just took 10% of the 80million Euros spent on Cristiano Ronaldo and gave it to the children of Congo and Sudan who are suffering from poverty, aids, malaria and malnutrition. Wouldnt these people benefit so much more as compared to benefiting the soccer club or the player himself.

2. The incentive for players to stay in their club is the amount they get paid and not their loyalty to the club

3. Although sports and money have a more signifcant relation than before,we have to acknowledge that the two will never completely overlap with each other because if we look at it from a fundamental perspective.For example,we have sports players in school or organisations who play purely to fulfill their love and passion for sports rather than for money.

3.1. People play sports for many different reasons but most sportsmen play the sport because they have the passion for it. Although sports may be closely linked to money, it doesnt mean that sports should be devalued. Players play to win and they get paid for doing so. The salary they receive is essentially an incentive to push themselves further. There is nothing wrong with motivating the sportsmen with monetary incentives. Motivation exists on many different levels and this is just an alternative method. There is alot more to sport than just money. The olympic values, friendship, respect and excellence, paves the way for a healthy and conducive platform for friendly competitions between athletes. Sport is closely linked to money but it is not the only thing one gets out of it

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