Investment Alerts

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Investment Alerts by Mind Map: Investment Alerts

1. INV 18. Confirmation that your security account is open

2. INV.20. Double tax treaty expired

3. Indivdual security Alerts

3.1. INV2. Execution of an order limit

3.2. INV3. Expiration date limit orders reached

3.3. INV 4. Market watch alerts on performance

3.4. INV 6. Pre-notification of a fixed maturity/Call to client

3.5. INV 7. Startfund (pension fund) still below fiscal limit

3.6. INV 8. Re-activation of Startfund (pension fund)

4. Portfolio performance alerts

4.1. INV 12. Portfolio performance goes up/down with x%

4.2. INV 13. Your portfolio does not reflect your investment profile anymore

4.3. INV 14 Portfolio diversification is too low

4.4. INV 19. Mifid profile expired

5. Corporate action alerts

5.1. "INV 8. Corporate action alerts - Mandatory

5.1.1. Alerts for all events generated by broker values​​, such as payment of dividends company splits, company acquisitions, , shareholder meetings,... etc.

5.2. INV 9. Corporate action alerts with choice eg capital increase, choice dividend, …"

5.3. "INV 10. Corporate action alerts - Voluntary

5.4. INV 11. IPO alert

6. Documents available

6.1. INV 15. Your fiscal statement is available

6.2. INV 16. Your investment report (portfolio reporting) is available

6.3. INV 17. New ING publication on Investments