Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology? (Nov 2003)

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Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology? (Nov 2003) by Mind Map: Does the modern world place too much reliance on technology?  (Nov 2003)

1. Agree

1.1. Render individuals and society helpless and at a loss as to how to proceed without it

1.1.1. Internet addiction problems

1.2. Numerous Social Problems arise as a result of over-reliance on technology

1.2.1. poor communication and relational skills over-reliance on chat rooms, facebook, little face-to-face interaction

1.2.2. undermining humanity, reducing Man to unfeeling, unthinking individuals due to adoption of numerous virtual roles and identities

1.2.3. Man becoming increasingly lazy, especially younger generation Simple, once arduous chores now easily done with technology's help

1.3. Countries and even terrorists increasingly relying on technology to assert their superiority e.g threaten other countries or terrorists activities

1.3.1. Technology such as nuclear weapons used as a threat by North Korea. Further destructive use of technology is used to counter such threats, threatening Man's peace and stability More and more terrorists are also increasingly using technological tools in to further terrorize Man, e.g terrorists who struck Mumbai on Dec 8, 2008 used global positioning system handset, a satellite phone and studied satellite photos

1.4. Over-reliance on technology is at the expense of our environment

1.4.1. Mankind's health increasingly affected Increasing obesity rates due to lack of exercise brought about by convenience and efficiency of technology Harmful radiation that affect human brain due to over usage of cellphones can cause cancer such as Glioma that affects the central nervous system

1.4.2. Flora and Fauna increasingly affected Clearing of forests for construction of factories, roads and houses Over usage of pesticides contaminate the air, water and soil

2. Disagree

2.1. Mankind increasingly recognising problems our reliance on technology poses and taking steps to alleviate these problems by reducing our dependency

2.1.1. e.g environmental awareness and conservation, promoting outdoor activities and exercise etc

2.2. generally only those developed countries such as U.S placing excessive reliance on technology

2.2.1. Growing technological gap between the rich and the poor

3. Introduction

3.1. Address the issue of whether our excessive reliance on technology is causing us problems, rather than whether we are dependent or not on technology

3.1.1. Recognise to the extent to which technology has infiltrated our lives - in areas such as work, leisure/entertainment, information fathering, relationships and communication,travel and also in political and social spheres