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Obesity by Mind Map: Obesity

1. Antecedents

1.1. Insufficient physical activity in relation to excessive caloric intake.

1.1.1. Exercise is not a priority. People are too busy Stressful lifestyles

1.1.2. Sedentary lifestyle Reduced amounts of strenuous physical work Reduced walking and biking due to reliance on automobiles

1.1.3. Large portions Less cooking occurring at home Fast foods and full service foods Increase amounts of processed foods eaten Highly processed foods have low nutritional value

1.1.4. Hereditary and environmental risk factors for obesity Prenatal nutritional status

2. Consequences

2.1. Chronic vascular and coronary disease

2.1.1. Coronary artery disease

2.1.2. Dyslipidemias

2.1.3. Stroke

2.1.4. Hypertension

2.2. Chronic metabolic changes

2.2.1. Diabetes

2.2.2. Menstrual irregularities and infertility

2.3. Cancer

2.3.1. Colon

2.3.2. Breast

2.3.3. Prostate

2.4. Sleep apnea

2.5. Labor and economic efffects

2.5.1. People who are obese tend to have lower paying jobs than non-obese people

2.5.2. People living in poorer neighborhoods have lower quality grocery stores with higher food prices

2.6. Gastrointestinal malaise

2.6.1. Bowel irregularities Diarrhea or constipations

2.6.2. Indigestions Acid reflux

2.6.3. Alterations in bacteria of GI tract gastric cancers colon cancer

2.7. Osteoarthritis and reduced functional mobility

2.7.1. Increased sedentary behavior

2.7.2. Chronic pain

2.7.3. Increased risk for injury