World Religons

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World Religons by Mind Map: World Religons

1. Judiasim

1.1. Pharohs

1.1.1. They were enslaved by Pharohs

1.1.2. Pharohs made them build pyramids

1.2. Judah was renamed Judeah

1.2.1. Roman Empire beliefs God sent an angel to kill all the new borns God sent pleagues to Egypt as punishment God told them to smear lambs blood on their door frames

1.2.2. Roman Empire took over Egypt

1.3. One of the oldest religons

2. Islam

2.1. The followers of Islam are called Muslims

2.1.1. Follwoers

2.2. They believe in one God

2.2.1. Beliefs

2.3. They have 5 pillars with what they follow

2.4. Muslims created the 1st universities

2.4.1. It's the 2nd largest religon in the world Achievements

3. Christianity

3.1. Angels appeared before shepards and told them that Jesus was born

3.1.1. Jesus got 12 men to be his disciples

3.2. John the baptist baptised Jesus

3.3. Jesus is the founder of Christianity

3.3.1. Jesus

3.4. The cross is the centeral symbol

3.5. Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.

3.5.1. Christians

3.5.2. Jesus gave his disciples bread and wine and the wine was his blood and the bread was his body.

3.5.3. Jesus told the people that he was the son of God and they didn't believe

3.5.4. Believe that the virgin Marry had him.

3.5.5. The Gospels are historical texts about Jesus

3.6. They nailed him on a cross and there were two criminals by him

3.6.1. Crucifiction Jesus was praying and armed men arrested him

3.6.2. They whipped Jesus and beat him

3.6.3. Jesus rose from the dead three days later

3.7. Easter is when Jesus's resurrection is celebrated

3.7.1. Holiays

3.8. After 40 days and the sky parted and he went to Heaven