World Religions

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World Religions by Mind Map: World Religions

1. Islam

1.1. Second Largest Religion

1.2. Monotheistic

1.3. Fasting for 30 days and they get up at 4 am and don't eat or drink till nighttime

1.4. 1 Billion following the religion

1.5. Mohammad is the Founder of Islam (like Jesus is to Christianity)

1.6. Holy Book: Quran

1.7. Holiday

1.7.1. Ramadan: celebrate the end of the month of Fasting

2. Judaism

2.1. 14,000,000 followers of Judaism

2.2. Dominate Religion in Israel

2.3. Barmitzvah mark's when boys go into adulthood and can read from Torah

2.4. Holy Book: Torah

2.5. Batmitzvah marks when girls reach adulthood and can read from the Torah

2.6. Holidays

2.6.1. Passover: celebrate being set free from the Egyptian's

3. Christianity

3.1. Jesus was born in Bethlehem,Born of Mary.

3.2. Cross is the symbol of Christianity

3.3. Gospels tell the stories of Jesus

3.4. Jesus died on the Cross along with 2 other men who weren't Christian.

3.5. Jesus says to love the enemy

3.6. Holy Book: Bible

3.7. Holidays

3.7.1. Christmas: Birth of Jesus

3.7.2. Easter: The Resurrection of Jesus