Information process

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Information process by Mind Map: Information process

1. Assess

1.1. Did I fulfil my purpose

1.2. How did I go on my way

1.3. How did I go presenting

1.4. Where do I go from there

2. Define

2.1. Why do I need to find this out

2.2. What is my purpose

2.3. What are key words and ideas

2.4. What do I need to do

3. Locate

3.1. What do I already know

3.2. What do I still need to find out

3.3. What sources and equipment can I use

3.4. Where can I find my information

4. Select

4.1. What information can I leave out

4.2. How relevant is the information I have found

4.3. How credible is the information I have found

4.4. How will I record the information I need

5. Organise

5.1. have I enough information for my purpose

5.2. Do I need all this information

5.3. How can I combine my information

6. Present

6.1. What will I do with my information

6.2. Who will I share my information

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