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Hilda (Nanna) and Bill (Pop) Asimus by Mind Map: Hilda (Nanna) and Bill (Pop)
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Hilda (Nanna) and Bill (Pop) Asimus

Pops Army info Nanna Married Pop Inverell Nanna and Aunty Joans Gravestone in Rookwood

1. Dorothy

Dorothy and Ned Fitzpatrick

Jan, Jan Donnelly and Con Mustard, Nicholas (Nik) Donnelly

Dorothy and Les Donnelly

Patricia (Tricia), Tricia and David Fox, Kirrin, Kirrin and David Stratton, Robert, Jake

Leslie, Leslie Donnelly and Margaret Delf

Joseph (Joe), Joe and Sharron Donnelly (divorced), Hayley and Justin McNeill, Harrison, Clint and Kathrine Kiene (engaged), Dean, Joe and Tirinda Donnelly, Sam

Anthony (Tony), Anthony and Mary (divorced), Caitlin, Madelaine (Maddy)

2. Joan

Aunty Joan and Nannas Gravestone in Rookwood

Joan and Oswald (Ossie) Garlick (divorced)

Joan and Charlie (Chas) Omeally (divorced)

3. Lorna

Lorna and Len Haire

Christine, Christine and Terry Heffernan (divorced), Nicholas, Carlan and ???, Christine and Frank Cook, Belinda, ??????

Michael, Michael and Brenda Haire, Lorin, Lorin and Rob Hainsworth, Kristen, Kristen and Stev4e Charman

Greg, Greg and Pam Haire, Rachel, Katherine, Thomas

4. Helen

Helen and Fred Richardson

About Fred in Films

Ric, Ric and Tania Richardson (divorced), Ric and Karen Richardson, Lily

Raece, Raece and Holly Richardson (Divorced), Riley, Raine

Sky, Sky and Lulu Richardson

5. Noelene

Noelene (Nicky) and Terry Ingersoll

About Uncle Terry playing Aussie Rules

Leeanne, Leeanne and Gary Bremner, Jade, Jade and Bill Denkov, Jake, Lacey Bremner, Lacey Bremner and James Parker, New node

Colin, Colin and Jackie Ingersoll (divorced), Shannon Ingersoll, Ashley, Ashley and Mehdi Barzegari, Violet 3, Colin and Cassie Ingersoll, Harrison Laycock, Olivia 17

Mandy, Jacqui and Mandy

Matt, Matt and Emma Ingersoll, Jessica 20, Wyatt 17