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Hilda (Nanna) and Bill (Pop) Asimus by Mind Map: Hilda (Nanna) and Bill (Pop) Asimus
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Hilda (Nanna) and Bill (Pop) Asimus

Pops Army info Nanna Married Pop Inverell Nanna and Aunty Joans Gravestone in Rookwood

1. Dorothy

Dorothy and Ned Fitzpatrick

Dorothy and Les Donnelly

2. Joan

Aunty Joan and Nannas Gravestone in Rookwood

Joan and Oswald (Ossie) Garlick (divorced)

Joan and Charlie (Chas) Omeally (divorced)

3. Lorna

Lorna and Len Haire

4. Helen

Helen and Fred Richardson

About Fred in Films

5. Noelene

Noelene (Nicky) and Terry Ingersoll

About Uncle Terry playing Aussie Rules