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1. Fashion Buisness

1.1. Black Dress

1.2. What makes Coco Chanel recognized is the simplicity but sophisticated way she designed.

1.3. she sold only hats,in her store located in Paris

1.4. Jersey dress

1.5. Perfume Chanel NO.5

1.6. Chanel creates the most revolutionary design collarless jacket and well-fitted skirt

2. Was born in Saumur France, the day of august 19 of 1883, and died in 1971.

2.1. She was put in an orphanage

2.2. She before becoming a designer was a singer and in the clubs she sings the people use to call her “Coco”; and there is when she left her name Gabrielle adopting the nickname “Coco Chanel”

3. Chanel During the interwar period

3.1. she creates the 1920’s drop-waist ‘sack’ dresses.

3.2. A new man in Coco Chanel life called Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovich (1921)

3.3. “God knows I wanted love. But the moment I had to choose between the man I loved and my dresses, I choose the dresses.” Coco Chanel

3.4. Holywood ask for her designs; they pay 1 millon dolars

3.5. The role of women was changing, Chanel know this, so the focus of her designs are for this new woman