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User behaivior Analysis by Mind Map: User behaivior Analysis
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User behaivior Analysis

minimized experiment

Ask primary question

What are we trying to prove by building XX?

What do we need to know before we are confident that XX is the right thing to build?

Do research



questions on primary question

brain storm



vote for hypothesis, "scariest" questions


brain storm

focused on answering important questions

Construct a hypothesis

Design mearement


small group

chosen and prove

mini hack

present the findings from hack

stop hacking

try something else

continue and adopt the option

Analyze data


Have a set of concept options

Have a prioritised set of features

Identify plans for next iteration

draw conclusions

User behaviour track tools, google analytics, omniture, Elktrack, logstash, elasticsearch, kibana

Report results

A/B testing

popular tools



Google Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer

basic princeple

focus on minimized test purpose, goal, variables, test, example if I want to testing the conversion of a button, location of the button, text on the button, color and space on and arround the button

test things might have big impact

testing time

not restrict to two testing group

shunt, backend, frontend, cookieID

unique visitor

sample size


css control



data collection and analysis

user behaivior on test area, which verision A or B, position, time, url