Sex Lies and Conversation

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Sex Lies and Conversation by Mind Map: Sex Lies and Conversation

1. Boys as children socialize more with their own gender than women creating a barrier in communication with women and also do more activities rather than coversating.

2. boys are more competitive to avoid subordinate positions in their peer groups

3. Men don't like to listen a lot to their wives because they feel it's like a child taking orders from a parent.

4. Men do more social things outside of marriage rather than conversating.

5. Women feel that their husbands don't talk to them much

6. For little girls, talking and conversation is what bonds them as friends, so they expect their husbands to be even better talkers.

7. women and girls that talk to each other stare directly at each other when talking.

8. Men talk more outside of marriage than at the home.

9. Women do a lot more talking and gossip outside of marriage and know how to hold conversations well.

10. Boys and men sit angles at each other looking everywhere else but each other when having a conversation and only look at each other periodically.

11. Women tend to stay on topic about what they started having a conversation about

12. women feel that when their husband changes topic, that they are not listening to anything they are saying

13. Boys and men can talk about many different topics in one conversation

14. Women mistaken men's "ritual challenges" as an attack.

15. Men take women's talk about their troubles too literal and see it as them only wanting to talk about themselves

16. women look to other friends and family for intimate talk about their problems if they feel their husband doesn't adapt which pushes the relationship further away.

17. men feel like if they give in to their wives demands and listen that they are being pushed

18. Women divorce mainly because they feel that their husbands don't talk or listen much to them.

19. Women should learn to adapt about the differences in men's and women's ways of aligning themselves in a conversation in order to have more intimate conversations with their lover

20. In order for men to adapt and have more intimate conversations with their wives, they must learn and understand the place of "small talk" in women's relationships.

21. Men blame women for not being "assertive" enough which causes women to feel alone because they feel like they have no one to talk to about their emotions so they go to close friends and relatives for that kind of talk

22. Women blame men for no "being in touch" with their feelings which causes men to feel attacked so they don't want to admit anything when they are feeling attacked which also causes them to talk less and point more fingers

23. Men should let go of their pride when it comes to their wives and admit that sometimes they are at fault instead of pointing the finger at their woman for being "too emotional" in conversations. And when they admit they are at fault, it will cause their wife to open up more causing a more intimate relationship.

24. Instead of blaming their husband and pointing the finger, women should have a conversation without jumping to conclusions right away so their husbands don't feel like they are being attacked because when women tell their husband or boyfriend "we need to talk", most men take that as an attack. This will cause their husband to also open up more because they no longer feel attacked and in return it will also cause them to listen more to their wife creating less arguments and more intimacy