English Language Learners Programs

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English Language Learners Programs by Mind Map: English Language Learners Programs

1. English Only Programs

1.1. Pull-out ESL

1.2. Structured English Immersion (SEI)

1.3. Content-Based ESL

1.3.1. Texas State Standards Affective Teaching Strategy Linguistic Teaching Straetgy Cognitive Teaching Strategy

1.3.2. Texas State Objectives Comptency Mastery

2. Bilingual Programs

2.1. Dual Language/Two-way Immersion

2.1.1. Texas State Standards Affective Linguistic Cognitive

2.1.2. Texas State Objectives Academic Achievement/Proficiency Teaching Strategy Mastery Teaching Strategy Compotency Teaching Strategy

2.2. Early Exit Transitional/One-way Immersion

2.3. Indigenous Language Program