In Vitro Fertilization in Egypt

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In Vitro Fertilization in Egypt by Mind Map: In Vitro Fertilization in Egypt

1. Most Egyptian Women undergo painful and unnecessary physician induced harm.

1.1. - Improper diagnosis and treatment leading to infertility

1.2. - Surgery to remove cysts leading to infertility

1.3. - Poor quality health care

2. Major factors affecting NRT success rates

2.1. Woman's age - fertility in women declines after 30

2.2. couple diagnosis

2.3. Social and/or religious constraints on donor egg technologies.

2.4. IVF transfer process requires exact quantity and precise quality of eggs.

3. Varied issues with IVF

3.1. High Costs

3.2. Rarity of necessary hormonal medications

3.3. Lack of regulation of illegal Egyptian IVF centers only seeking profit

3.4. Physicians who lure patients such a Huda into IVF with high but false rates of success. Physicians are "selling false hope" (p.177)

3.5. 70-80% of Egyptian women undergoing IVF will NOT become pregnant.