India_The Raj_Power_Nationalism_Hindu-Muslim Divide

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India_The Raj_Power_Nationalism_Hindu-Muslim Divide by Mind Map: India_The Raj_Power_Nationalism_Hindu-Muslim Divide

1. Instructions

1.1. Click on the "bullseye" icon next to a topic to open things up; click on the link icons to link to other maps, topics, and multimedia; read the map from top to bottom, and from left to right. Wander and wonder!

2. Google

2.1. Google Scholar

3. Start Here: Aspects

3.1. Google Translate

3.2. timeline history of India

3.3. color coding

3.3.1. main points

3.3.2. proper nouns

3.3.3. places

3.3.4. time reference

3.3.5. insights and ideas

3.4. India_Modern India_Power_Nationalism_Index

3.5. classic pluralistic society

3.5.1. major division between... Hindus and... Muslims seen as...

3.6. Hindu-Muslim tensions

3.6.1. why the Muslim minority fears that it will be...

3.6.2. inflamed immediately after... the war

3.6.3. compounded by... the British administration

3.6.4. so India's... Hindus and... Muslims the British realize that...

3.7. Muslim League

3.7.1. led by... Muhammad Ali Jinnah 1876 - 1948 originally... once dubbed.. becomes... Google Bing Images Bing Videos AskJeeves DuckDuckGo

3.7.2. challenges... the claim of the... Indian National Congress

3.7.3. advances... the "two-nation" theory 1933 Muslim students

3.7.4. denounces... any scheme of... self-government of...

3.8. an army of...

3.8.1. Indian nationalists is formed from... the thousands of Indian soldiers that the...

3.9. World War II

3.9.1. Indian reaction to... the British announcement that... to deny...

3.10. Quit India Movement

3.10.1. launched by... Gandhi 1942 why

4. Bing Images

5. Bing Videos

6. AskJeeves

7. DuckDuckGo

8. WisdomMaps Courses