Modern India_Power_Jawaharlal Nehru

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Modern India_Power_Jawaharlal Nehru by Mind Map: Modern India_Power_Jawaharlal Nehru

1. Instructions

1.1. Click on the "bullseye" icon next to a topic to open things up; click on the link icons to link to other maps, topics, and multimedia; read the map from top to bottom, and from left to right. Wander and wonder!

2. Google

2.1. Google Scholar

3. Start Here: Aspects

3.1. Google Translate

3.2. timeline history of India

3.3. color coding

3.3.1. main points

3.3.2. proper nouns

3.3.3. places

3.3.4. time reference

3.3.5. insights and ideas

3.4. Power_Index

3.5. India's first prime minister

3.5.1. 1947 - 1964

3.6. an Anglophile

3.6.1. ... of sorts

3.6.2. ardent devotee of... democratic government

3.7. post-independence parliament

3.7.1. functions smoothly thanks to... the efforts of... a cadre of very skilled and capable men in the...

3.8. the central government

3.8.1. tries to manage... the decentralizing tendencies of his... large polyglot multiethnic

3.9. foreign affairs

3.9.1. seeks to maintain... close relations with both the... Soviet Union and... China

3.9.2. relations with... China are compromised by...

3.9.3. a founder of the... Non-Aligned Nations Movement Google Bing Images Bing Videos AskJeeves DuckDuckGo along with... why

4. Bing Images

5. Bing Videos

6. AskJeeves

7. DuckDuckGo

8. WisdomMaps Courses