Holding The Media Accountable

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Holding The Media Accountable by Mind Map: Holding The Media Accountable

1. Relevance of Blogosphere

1.1. reporters read blogs all the time

1.2. be polite and to the point when contacting media

1.2.1. on state and local level, get to know them

1.3. follow local media!

1.3.1. make a list

1.3.2. conservative radio guys too

1.3.3. local tv

2. Content vs. Intent

2.1. create an archive. follow media. keep record

2.2. check out the dailyhowler

2.3. provide accurate transcript

3. Working with Others In Your Area

3.1. over last 4 years we have built relationships w reporters bloggers and others

3.2. just b/c you build it doesn't mean they'll come

4. Other

4.1. the case of gunny bob

4.1.1. called for gps trackers on all non citizen muslims

4.1.2. ID all advertisers

4.1.3. apply pressure

4.2. do you have a prob with those wearing ur critique as badge of honor

4.2.1. not trying to change minds of ditto heads

4.2.2. this is about impact on MSM

4.2.3. this distracts them from their other hateful work

5. the impact

5.1. content criticism

5.2. media policy

6. Panel

6.1. Efin Hoftig, dir. comm. media matters

6.2. Carl fresh. comm director for media matters

6.3. jeremy schulman. dir. research media matters

6.4. justin cole. dep'y director online comm

7. What We Do

7.1. progressive media research and info center

7.2. monitor broad section of media & conservative misinfo

7.2.1. 7 days a week updated

7.3. have posted nearly 10,000 research items

7.4. started by david brock, fmr gop. author "republican noise machine"

7.5. correct conservative misinfo

7.6. expose hate speech on pub airwaves

7.6.1. let them know someone is watching

7.7. strengthen america's 4th estate

7.7.1. not trying to kill journalism

7.8. try to empower american people by enhancing their voice within media

7.8.1. "regardless of what issue motivates you, media should be second on the list"

7.9. try to stick to CONTENT not INTENT

8. What is Conservative MisInfo

8.1. news or commentary inaccurate, unreliable, not credible that forwards the conservative agenda

8.2. not just conservative OPINION

8.3. use only publicly available, independent, facts