Initiativa - Q2 Performance Plan

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Initiativa - Q2 Performance Plan by Mind Map: Initiativa - Q2 Performance Plan

1. Personal Activities

2. 1. Leadership

2.1. Key Tasks

2.1.1. Build Performance Plan

2.1.2. Build Investors Business Plan and Offer

2.1.3. Slow down in prestentations to speed up

2.2. @sometime

2.2.1. Use Cicle of Promises

2.2.2. Get Personal coaching sessio

3. 5. Finance and Operations

3.1. Init Cashflow

3.1.1. O2C 4 MM Transelec S Curve Grupo EFE - Send Invoice 1/1 ?? Grupo EFE

3.1.2. P2P Critical (2.2) < 31/12 1.6 MM Rent 0.120 Victor 0.180 Telefono

3.1.3. P2P Manageble

3.2. Manage Providors Outstanding

3.2.1. Planview

3.2.2. Marcela

3.2.3. Loreto

3.2.4. Consultec

3.3. Admin gastos up to date

3.3.1. Luca ingresar boletas

3.3.2. AO Aprobar boletas

4. 3. Client Relationships

4.1. Close PSA

4.1.1. Transelec PSA SCurve

4.1.2. Transelec PSA Horas adicionales acompañamiento y traning VPO (change management?)

4.2. Close Q2

4.2.1. Transbank

4.2.2. Correos

4.2.3. BHP

4.2.4. Banco Bice

4.3. CA Attack

4.3.1. Metro

4.3.2. Falabella

4.3.3. Nexus

4.3.4. BCI

5. 2. Human Capital Alignment

5.1. Key Tasks

5.1.1. Generar RerformaJR Consultan

5.1.2. Define Hiring Strategy

5.1.3. Prep Performance Based Interview and ask CV Gabriel

5.2. Hiring Consulting Manager

5.2.1. Hiring of new Consulting Mgnr Draft Consulting Profile Consultant Draft Performance Profile Consulting Manager Read Lou Adler hiring Update web & LinkedIn Update intranet

5.2.2. Gte Consultoria Validar Perfil con Joaquin Manadar a José Ramon en venuezuela

5.2.3. Consultor Junior Post linkedin Add o mover en red? Validar consultors actuales CA

5.3. Hire JR Consultant

5.4. Transfer Plan Andres

5.4.1. Smart Objectives S - Transfer of all Customer Projects, Environment and Consulting Knowledge in a integrated google document, to asure 0 impact in our customers and consulting organization and be a guide for new consultants to start inflight M - Deliverables (Breakdown in PP /Leankit for Transfer) Customer Situation and Status Document -one document per customer Customer Conversation on Transfer and Sign off on document Knowledge Transfer - Document // Add on to what is in intranet Onboarding Template in Leankit A - agreed upon Andres must sign of on acceptance of plan that includes exact deliverables Deliverable is only accepted once validated with each customer and finally signed off by Aarnout Daily Progress Tracking of Cards and Document Andes must asurre smooth sailing with customer protecting Initiativa Image R - realistic Andres must present time estimate, to be validated Min 2 weeks i assume T - time-based OK; i understand you want to go in one week. For me ok but only if all is completed. I think 2 weeks is realistic, but if you can do it all at the quality i need as indicated

5.4.2. Key Actions Create Plan Meet with Andres to get acceptance and let him estimate timing So where where did you get a job? Why do you want to transfer in one week? OK, i have no problem if we can you agree on this output and you get all done under the defined standards If neccesary use leverage Cards with expected out put for pendings Training VPO & Acompañamiento Closing document on requierment Interface Transfer SMU Close Ticket on Current Interfase Quotation and details son SLA Reporting

5.4.3. Coordinate documentation key activities Ims Tickets Powerbi Reporte Migration between environments Publish all to intranet and cards Ongoing projects Ims Vpo Enaex Smu

6. 4. Service Execution

6.1. Key Tasks

6.1.1. Org Change Meeting Key accounts Transelec

6.1.2. Codelco Interface Meeting Minutes

6.2. Daily Time Reporting

6.3. Daily Projectplace Tracking

6.4. Weekly ISRP Tracking

6.4.1. Add Risks

7. Context And Analysis

7.1. Scenarios - Capacity Planning $ and HH

7.1.1. A. Bootstrap Sales Pipeline Q4 2018 Jan Most Likely - SMU Start Worst Case - SMU Start Delayed to March or Later Best Case - Traza Fire Haussmann 31/12 Hire Gte Consulting (as soon as SMU Starts) Hire Consuelo (1 march) Junior Consultant -

7.1.2. B. Investors Prepare initial valuation 1-3 times average revenue last three years Earmark shares Business Plan with Destination of funds Get Sander to write up termsheet Discuss with Joaquin and Board

7.1.3. C. Close Business Define potential Job oportunities Close operations Payoff Plan all debtos

7.2. Blue Hats Análisis

7.2.1. Facts Cashflow Monthly Burn Rate Months of life Recurring Revenue Furture Cashfow 2018 Sales Pipeline Status

7.2.2. Benefits Perception and Back up of Planview Quality Board of Advisors Positive Economic Outlook Use momentum of WRM event and followup Deals to Close in Pipe

7.2.3. Caution Cashflow is at critical levels and affecting/suffocation daily opps Check out etical fatoring Transelec Delegate and manage all Services activities, to not take up sales time

7.2.4. Feeling Stressed because of all or nothing situation Frustrated by lack of ownership and leadership in consulting team

7.2.5. Creativity Change accounting funds to SDR Rep for followup and meeting generation

7.2.6. Process of thinking Process of thinking

7.2.7. Initiativa Values More explicit about values Getting things done Take ownnerhsip

7.3. Smart Objectives

7.3.1. S - specific

7.3.2. M - measurable

7.3.3. A - agreed upon

7.3.4. R - realistic

7.3.5. T - time-based

7.3.6. e-environment

7.3.7. Objectives 2 Specific Measurable Action Oriented Result Time frma

8. Today

8.1. Personal

8.1.1. Manchita for ride with boys

8.1.2. Panquekes

8.1.3. Clean and order the house

8.1.4. Talk to Klaas and Parents

8.1.5. Update punta de lobos todos

8.1.6. Pay mesada

8.1.7. Skate?

8.1.8. Account Split Itau all personal payment Pay wages Send to joint account BCI House Accounts Add all services

8.2. Sales

8.2.1. DCV Business Case & Proposal

8.2.2. Consalud business Case

8.2.3. Opportunity folllowu

8.3. Admin Personal

8.3.1. Pay previred, all but AO Payments

8.3.2. Update cashflow Personal to view by months

8.3.3. Kill adt

8.3.4. Bring back router and close account telefonica

8.3.5. Update cashflow and Plan Payments due next week

8.4. Update Cashflow

8.4.1. Pay SII Postergar IVA to Manaje Cashflow > Avisar Jaime Pagar IVA Postergado

8.4.2. Invoice ella pending Comissione Grupo EFE Enaex

8.4.3. SMU Invoice 5 hours bolsa

8.5. Answer Mail Rodrigo

8.6. Update ISRP

8.6.1. Approve Timesheets

8.6.2. Capacity Plan

8.7. Reiew SMU

8.7.1. Make cards all basic config input pendin

8.8. Get New Accountin Service

8.8.1. Process Anselmo

8.8.2. Plan B service in Defontana : which is external accountant

8.8.3. Key Criteria Can work with contabline Oficinas Contables Representantes Get list of partner that work with Contaline

8.9. Review Key Actions VPO

8.10. Declaración 2018

8.10.1. Review Int Invoices Revenue ok, pq por SII Cost Invoices?

9. Tomorrow

9.1. Call Nicole