Curriculum development

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Curriculum development by Mind Map: Curriculum development

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2. Superintendent set up communication network to inform and involve the public of curriculum process.

3. Assistant superintendent helps formulate policies concerning curriculum innovation.

3.1. -

4. Boards of education enact district policies that facilitate the development and implementation of new curriculum.

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6. Regional organizations - regional educational laboratories influence the school curricula by providing guidance in the production of educational materials.

7. Principals - attend to curricula activities, school budgets, provide psychological and material support. Involve students in decision making arrange for in-service training.

8. School district assist in selecting and organizing content.

9. Students take responsibility.

10. Planning and managing of school personnel by principal

11. Curriculum specialists create and implement curriculum.

12. State agents publish guidelines on what will be published.

13. Federal government, identity critical educational issues.

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