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Chap. 9 Ecom Software by Mind Map: Chap. 9 Ecom Software
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Chap. 9 Ecom Software

Key Definitions


Commerce Service Providers

Shared hosting

Dedicated hosting


Static Catalog


Dynamic Catalog


Application program

Business Logic

Page-based app. system

Component-based system

Data minning

Ecom software an organization needs depends on several factors

Expected size of the enterprise and its projected traffic and sales.

Budget - a traditional store requires physical location with leases, employees, etc. The cost of creating infrastructure for an online business can be lower.

Staff - does the company have an IT staff that can maintain the site or does the site need to be outsourced to a thrid party in order to be maintained?

Basic function of Ecom Software

The specific duties that Ecom software performs range from a few fundamental operations to a complete solution. All Ecom solutions must provide:

Advanced Functions of Ecom software


Enterprise Application Inte- gration and Databases

Web Services

Integration with ERP systems

Ecom software for small and midsize companies

Basic Commerce service providers (CSP)

Mall-Style Commerce service providers

Ecom software for midsize to large companies

Web site development tools

Enterprise-Class Ecom Software

Customer Relationship Mana- gement software

Supply Chain Management software

Content Management Software

Knowledge Management Software