Business Strategy Secondary Research

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Business Strategy Secondary Research by Mind Map: Business Strategy Secondary Research

1. Nutrition Curriculums

1.1. Partnership for a Healthier America

1.1.1. "Lets Move Campaign"

1.1.2. PHA Framework Joined stakeholders in the fight against obesity. PHA partners agree to have their progress verified by an independent third party. Third parties submit data which is then published publicly by PHA.

1.1.3. Methodology "to design verification methodologies that will yeild valid, meaningful data to ensure partner accountability" (2013) "to establish processes that are feasible to implement in real-world settings without undue datat collection and/or reporting burdens on partners" (2013) "to strive for consistency in reporting across indicators and data sources while maintaining a level of flexibility in approaching the verification process such that unique circumstances, abilities and data systems can be accommodated as necessary to document progress" (2013)

1.1.4. Financial Position Expenses are concentrated in programs, including the Summit. 13% of expenses dedicated to administrative functions. Resources held as cash and some recievables and are restricted for future program use. Total Revenue and Support= 3,146,903 Total Expenses= 2,741,053 Change in Net Assets= 405,850

1.1.5. Summit Leaders representing the private sector, philanthropic organizations, academia, government and the public health community to focus on to to build a healthier future for America. 2013 Summit held first Expo which provided a marketplace for companies to showcase visions for how to make healthier choices easier.

1.2. USDA (My Plate)

1.2.1. USDA Summary of Performance and Financial Information

1.2.2. Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program (EFNEP) Paraprofessionals (peer educators) deliver a series of hands-on, interactive lessons to program participants. EFNEP uses a holistic nutrition educational approach. Four core areas: Diet quality and physical activity Food resource management Food Safety Food Security Value/ Impact Statement Funding 10/01/2012 – 09/30/2013 $67,934,000 862 units

2. Trends:

2.1. Huffington Post 6 Trends for 2015


2.1.2. "Healthy Living Continues to Go Mainstream"

2.2. Corporate Wellness to Experience Growth


2.2.2. With GDP increasing, corporations will have extra money to invest in wellness.

2.3. ACE 10 Trends to Look out for in 2015


3. Fitness Industry Statistics

3.1. Immense increase in profitabiltiy


3.2. B-Plans Reports



3.3. BLS


3.3.2. Fitness Trainers and Instructors


3.3.4. Instructional coordinators

4. Gyms

4.1. Equinox

4.1.1. Positioning themselves as a lifestyle brand.

4.1.2. SoulCycle

4.1.3. PureYoga

4.1.4. BlinkFitness

4.2. LIFETIME Fitness

4.2.1. Shareholder Alert: Investigation of Buyout 03/23


4.2.3. Announced 03/16 that they will be going public..