PHY 112 Sum '10 David Weaver by Elma Dobric

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PHY 112 Sum '10 David Weaver by Elma Dobric by Mind Map: PHY 112 Sum '10 David Weaver by Elma Dobric

1. Competancies

1.1. Effectively communicate qualitative and quantitative information orally and in writing.

1.1.1. In our first project, we used writing and a video to show some data which we collected about how far our coil guns shot, how long our gun's were charged, and some of the concepts behind our gun.

1.2. Explain the application of fundamental physical principles to various physical phenomena.

1.2.1. Doing the first project for this class, gave me the knowledge about how flash circuits work and how coil guns work with Lenz's law.

1.2.2. Doing the last project allowed me to relate physics to a real life medical machine, the PET scan. I learned how physics plays a role in the way the machine works and what it does in the body.

1.3. Apply appropriate problem-solving techniques to practical and meaningful problems using graphical, mathametical, and written modeling tools.

1.3.1. We used a lot of problem solving in building our coil guns and telescopes because if they weren't set up correctly they didn't work. By means of trial and error and using measurements; both projects were completed successfully.

1.4. Work effectively in collaborative groups.

1.4.1. The first project gave me the first opportunity to gather with my group and all put in the amount of work needed to properly complete our assignment. This also gave me the opportunity to discuss concepts we've learned with other people and make sure I'm on the right track.

1.4.2. Working on project 2, we were further able to come together as a team to research necessary physics concepts and build a telescope successfully.

1.4.3. For the third project, I worked with two new members. I got a long extremely well with both of them and with all of us contributing equal to our project, we were able to complete it successfully and gain a lot of new information out of it.

2. Outline

2.1. Linear Motion

2.1.1. I did not see any specifics related to linear motion. In our third project, the two gamma photons travel in a linear path 180 degrees apart from each other in different directions; but this is the only thing which I can think of.

2.2. Non-linear Motion

2.2.1. I could not think of anything from this semester which would relate to this point. Unless part of the firing of the coil gun and how the bb moves would connect to this.

2.3. Forces and Momentum

2.3.1. In the second week we also learned about fields and forces.

2.4. Work, Energy Storage and Transfer

2.5. Properties of Matter

2.5.1. In the first couple weeks of class we learned of properties of matter such as charge.

2.5.2. We learned about charges in our sticky tape project and also in our coil gun project. We also learned about charge in circuits and about charge moving in magnets.

2.5.3. Through our telescope project we learned more about EMR and the 3 different models of light.

2.5.4. In week 6, we learned a whole bunch of new information on quantum atom, quantum physics. We also learned a bunch more on electromagnetic waves. Furthermore, I learned how physics ties in with PET scans and the nuclear physics associated with the scans, which was extremely interesting.

2.5.5. In week 7, I learned about many different components of hyperphysics (nuclear physics). By looking through the hyperphysics website, I learned about nuclear medicine, nuclear activity, and radioactivity. I also learned more about the matters and gases affecting global warming and our world.

3. Daily Work

3.1. In week 2, we learned about electricity, forces, and field. We learned how to do a couple of calculations, how static elelectricity works with tape, and how light bulbs work.

3.2. In week 3, we learned more about circuits, cells, and megnatism. We also learned about insulator, conductors, and semiconductors.

3.3. In week 4, we better understood the process of Lenz's law and have the charge, flash, and shot of our coil guns work. Along with this, we got a good understanding of electromagnetic radiation.

3.4. In week 5, I learned about telescopes, more about EMR, light,rays, and about the particle/wave/ray models of light.

3.5. In week 6, I learned a whole lot of new information on the physics website about electromagnetic waves and quantum physics. Also, by doing my final project I learned a great deal of information of PET scans and got to see a real one and how it works.

3.6. In week 7,I learned a bunch more information about nuclear physics and about the current global warming issue. I also learned some more stuff about the components of PET scans.

3.7. In week 8, I got a review of what I learned this semester and got to see all the work which I have accomplished thus far.