Gender Infertility & Stigma

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Gender Infertility & Stigma by Mind Map: Gender Infertility & Stigma

1. Infertility Treatment

1.1. Cost- Creates financial strain on the family

1.2. Risk

1.2.1. Cervical Circlage

1.3. Religion-Muslim being barren is grounds for divorce.

2. Gender Dynamics in Marriage

2.1. Protecting Patriarchy is Primary

2.2. Men divorce & re-marry younger women inspite of known male health problems.

2.3. Male with fertility issues still smokes cigarettes while his healthy wife endures painful procedures to conceive & carry to full term.

2.4. Women assume the shame of infertility even when the male is the cause.

3. Gender Suffering

3.1. Moustafa divorced Hala humiliating her

3.2. Shahira marries Moustafa for stability and undergoes painful invasive treatment she is scared to undergo.

3.3. Young wife "learns" to love her older husband seeking security.

3.4. In most cases the woman's mother is the only family member she confides in.

3.5. Most men do not disclose their ICSI with anyone

4. Gender Identity

4.1. Hala blamed for her husbands infertility. Society dictates the female is automatically the weak link not the male.

4.2. Men cannot state they do not want children. They must exude virility and financial security to support a family.

4.3. Both male and female feel experience varied levels of social stigma regarding infertility. Subjecting both to keeping painful secrets.