EDU 302

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EDU 302 by Mind Map: EDU 302

1. Types of Research

1.1. Descriptive

1.1.1. collect detailed information

1.1.2. Information collected by observation, survey, interview

1.1.3. Painting a picture of what people think

1.2. Correlation

1.2.1. Probability

1.2.2. Relationship between two events

1.3. Experimental

1.3.1. manipulated variables, effects are recorded

1.3.2. MUST have a control group

1.3.3. Descriptive and experimental will not be an option

2. Cognitive Development

2.1. Nature

2.1.1. Piaget, Spearman and Caroll Learning on their own by "doing" Assimilation, accommodation, equilibrium, disequilibrium Disequilibrium when an individual learns Four Stages of Development Sensorimotor, Preoperational, Concrete operational, Formal operational

2.2. Nurture

2.2.1. Vygotsky, Gardner Sociocultural perspective - Children learn from culture and others in their environment Zone of Proximal Development area where child can master a task with appropriate amount of help

2.3. Nature & Nurture

2.3.1. Brain-Based, Sternberg Triarchic Theory: 3 intelligences Analytical/componential, Creative/experimental,practical/contextual

3. Personal Identity

3.1. Self-Concept

3.1.1. Who am I?

3.1.2. Knowledge and beliefs about themselves: Ideas, feelings, attitudes, and expectations.

3.2. Self-Esteem

3.2.1. Do I like this person?

3.2.2. The value an individual places on them self based on characteristics, abilities, and behaviors.

3.3. Self-Efficacy

3.3.1. Can I do this?

3.3.2. Individuals beliefs about their competence or effectiveness.

4. Cultural Identity

4.1. Bronfenbrenner

4.1.1. Bioecological Model Each person develops within a system consisting of four ecosystems: Microsystem, Mesosystem, Exosystem, Macrosystem.

4.2. Cultural Proficiency

4.2.1. Knowledge of acceptable behavior according to culture

5. Social & Emotional Development

5.1. Erikson

5.1.1. Psychosocial Theory Emergence of self, search for identity, relationship with others, role of culture through individual's life

5.1.2. 8 stages of psychosocial Dev Each individual faces developmental crisis resolved by embracing situation and finding a balance between two extreme responses

5.2. Marcia

5.2.1. Identity Status Theory

5.3. Goleman

5.3.1. Emotional Intelligence

5.4. Sylwester

6. Moral Development

6.1. Kohlberg

6.1.1. Theory of Moral Developement

6.2. Gilligan