Physics 112 Kyle C.

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Physics 112 Kyle C. by Mind Map: Physics 112 Kyle C.

1. Software install

2. Elecrtrostatics

2.1. Tape experiment

2.2. Light bulb experiment. More batteries equals more light. More light bulbs equals less light.

2.3. Pencasts. We learned about electric fields and forces. I posted a neat video about it on my website under neat videos.

2.4. Project 1. Coil gun. This project taught us to work together as a group really well. We communicated on a daily basis through email, phone calls and text messages. We worked together to develop the best glog for our team and helped each other build our coil guns.

3. Electromagnetic Radiation

3.1. We did an assignment where we create a log that discussed many things relating to Electromagnetic Radiation.

3.2. We did research on the theory that 2012 will be the end of the world. It helped us with our ability to do research in case we wanted to pursue graduate school.

4. Optics

4.1. Our second project required more group work. We built a telescope and researched the optics behind the design. We learned many different terms including refraction, reflection, transparency, etc. We communicated well with our group members through text, email, etc. and we posted neat videos about telescopes.

5. Debates

5.1. Our first debate was about the idea that 2012 will be the end of the world. We did research to find scientific evidence that supported both sides of the debate.

5.2. Our second debate was about global warming. Again, we found scientific evidence supporting both sides of the argument. This assignment helped us with our ability to do scientific research.

6. Physics 2000

6.1. There is this cool site that we have been studying from called physics 2000. It has many different animations and demonstrations discussing topics like electromagnetic radiation, the periodic table, nuclear physics, isotopes, etc. I have spent hours studying from this site.

7. Laser Surgery

7.1. For project 3, I interviewed a dentist who uses laser surgery in his practice. I also did literary research on how lasers work. This really helped me with my research abilities.