Launch A Successful Airbnb

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Launch A Successful Airbnb by Mind Map: Launch A Successful Airbnb

1. Identify What Space You're Going To List

1.1. List Your Existing Space

1.1.1. Make sure to edit the booking calendar to ensure you don't get bookings for dates you'll be home

1.2. Find A New Space

1.2.1. Try and determine median occupancy rate in the area in mind

1.2.2. Determine median price per night. Use this to determine ROI based on different levels of occupancy

1.2.3. Use or another rental/ real estate site to identify promising properties

1.3. Joint Venture

1.3.1. Determine what services you're going to offer

1.3.2. Determine the price structure

1.3.3. Look at existing property management companies to compare offerings/pricing:

2. Create a listing on Airbnb/ Homeaway

2.1. Write your listing description

2.2. Determine price per night

2.2.1. Provide 5% discount for weekly stay and 10% for monthly

2.3. Change cancellation policy to strict

2.4. Add cleaning fee

2.5. Turn off instant booking

3. Get Photos Of Your Space Taken

3.1. Find out if airbnb will send a free photographer to your area

3.2. If not, arrange for another professional photographer to take photos of your space

4. Establish Who/How You'll Check Guests In And Out And Clean Your Place Between Renters

4.1. Will you be using a cleaner to give key to guest? Neigbor? or will you put your key in a lockbox or use a service like :

4.2. Coordinate with your cleaner your guests checkout times to make sure your cleaner can come in with 24 hours of guest cleaing to clean and check for damages.

5. Manage Bookings

5.1. After a guest books follow up with checkin information

5.1.1. How they will checkin

5.1.2. Where key will be

5.1.3. What time they can checkin/checkout

5.1.4. Parking information if available

5.1.5. Reinforce that if they have questions or you can do anything to make their stay better to just reach out and ask

5.2. After guest checks in follow up with message to ensure everything went smoothly and reinforce that if they have questions they can reach out to you

6. Add your site to

6.1. If all is going well with airbnb and you want to increase occupancy rate try adding your listing to home

6.2. By adding a bundle you can also manage your listing through home

6.3. Remember home has an annual fee and is structured differently than airbnb

7. Get Your Space Ready To Rent

7.1. Install a lock on a closet or room if you'd like to keep some of your belongings seperate

7.2. Consider installing a keyless entry system like Lockitron

7.3. White sheets and towels really help make your space look clean and like a hotel

8. Arrange Insurance

8.1. Make sure to get homeowner, renters, liability insurance. Try :