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communicate by Mind Map: communicate
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Social Tools


Good for connecting - millions of users

Employee reservations about sharing mixing personal and professional with ALL coworkers.

Not easy to share docs.


Quick, easy communication

short and sweet

Difficult to share large thoughts

Can be publicly displayed, no login/invite required to view

great tool for sharing links

Easy to communicate and direct messaging with others

Google Wave

Ongoing dialogue is instant and easy, New node

Users need to have specific login to share/comment on tool


Lots of informational content

Accessibie internally and externally

Responsibility for content is in the hands of a relatively small group of individuals

Content is not interactive. The site functions as a billboard/media package for the firm. No opportunities for individual input or on-going dialogue


Share internal information

Personal Employee Profiles

Project Based Knowledge

Calendar of events and follow up resources (lunch and learns, webinars)

Day to day - HR, Payroll, employee contacts, office specific informations

Focused product research

Marketing wins, Cannon in the news

Codes, references

New product information - lessons learned/projects applied to

Project focused communication

Connecting projects with the right staff

Internal communication related to unique firm initiatives - sustainability, open hand studio, the third teacher, etc.

Expand Public perception/connection

'An Ideas Based Practice'

Firm Expertise and Research

Individuals as Thought Leaders within a broader context

Unique Firm Initiatives as part of a broader context - sustainability, open hand studio, the third teacher, relationships to academic/professional associations, etc.

Portfolio and Awards

Client testimonials

Conference Call June 16


What needs to be done to prepare for the Thursday presentations?

Agenda best effort

Integrate Presentations, What are people up to?, Cynthia: Corporate Strategies, haven't gone much beyond initial discussions, People have assigned tasks for the 23rd, Nick progress?, Social Media: reviewed Chris' presentation - ready to go, Joe: Corp. Cannon website, snapshot of existing and proposed condition, New software proposals are out there, lay them out for the committee, What doe these mean?, Kent: observations, Mark: Healthcare Blog, JT: BIM, Kathleen and Barbara: HR, some info back, HR snapshot in the works, Also looking at a tracking prospective employee system - comprehensive change, Puerner: work in progress, Sharepoint: Most task force members are saavy with current infrastructure/architecture, Kent: 45 mins devoted to Sharepoint - try to be sure task force understands the "power user", Financial: tool with Deltek Vision, Role Specific Dashboard, 9 min webx presentation, no evaluation yet, early stages, 1 yr reality, Jason Farnum: Portfolio/Open Asset/Axomic are all "together" consolidate time, Western Region: Survey Monkey to all offices - personal/interaction with social media for work, How can social media enhance?, STL: People need comfort in using these tools without being "punished", Social Networking, Use of Blogs - internal/external, Sharepoint knowledge management, Common portal for all Cannon folks, History: usage/what's working/trending, Share survey/sharepoint knowledge managment, Project Collaboration Tools

What is critical/how are we overlapping?, Kent: Individual presentations - webex format, Alternatively: one delegate from each of these teams would like to lead conversation, Should we consolidate discussions to allow for a concentrated discussion?, Is Michael J. implying that we should focus on "themes" rather than group presentations?, Kent: hopeful that regional teams will look forward., Radical Change, Organizational Structure, Working patterns, Mark: if each office presents, it'll reinforce needs, We'll see tracks that will need to move forward, divide and conquer at that point

Do we go to meeting for this?, Ideal for Cynthia, Remote presenters?