Literature Genres

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Literature Genres by Mind Map: Literature Genres

1. Biography

1.1. Informs the reader about a real person's life

1.2. The author of the book is NOT the person the book is about.

2. Mystery

2.1. Detective characters

2.2. Question to answer or problem to solve

2.3. Clues given throughout the story

3. Traditional Literature

3.1. Stories that have been passed down through the years

3.2. Includes: fairy tales, legends, fables, tall tales, and myths

4. Realistic Fiction

4.1. Characters are made up but realistic

4.2. The setting is real and believable

4.3. The problem is realistic

5. Fantasy

5.1. Impossible events that could NEVER happen

5.2. Magic

5.3. Talking animals or mythical creatures

6. Historical Fiction

6.1. Characters could be real people from history

6.2. Setting is a real historic time period or event

7. Informational Text

7.1. Provides facts about a subject to the reader