The Endocrine System

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The Endocrine System by Mind Map: The Endocrine System

1. Pituitary Gland

1.1. Anterior Lobe

1.1.1. ACTH Adrenal Cortex Corticosteroids (ex. cortisol, aldosterone)

1.1.2. TSH Thyroid Gland Thyroxine + triiodothyronine

1.1.3. LH Testes testosterone Ovaries ovulation dev of corpus luteum

1.1.4. FSH Testes dev of sperm Ovaries dev of follicles + eggs

1.1.5. PRL mammary glands production of milk

1.1.6. HGH Somatotropin Non steroid

1.2. Posterior Lobe

1.2.1. ADH kidneys reabsorption of H2O

1.2.2. Oxytocin uterus contractions during childbirth mammary glands release of milk AKA "milk letting"

2. Thyroid Gland

2.1. location

2.1.1. Thyroxine & triiodothyronine Made of Production How does it affect the body

2.1.2. Calcitonin

3. Parathyroid Glands

3.1. Parathyroid Hormone (PTH)

3.1.1. - helps control calcium levels (raises it) - affects kidneys, bones, and digestive tract

4. Thymus Gland

4.1. Chest Cavity

4.1.1. Produces Stimutes Spleen and Lymph gland

5. Pineal Gland

5.1. loccation

5.1.1. produces made of functions

6. Pancreas

6.1. Alpha Cells

6.1.1. Glucagon Non-steroid hormone Raises blood sugar levels

6.2. Beta Cells

6.2.1. Insulin Non-steroid hormone Lowers blood sugar levels Diabetes Mellitus Type 1 Type 2 (adult onset)

7. Adrenal Gland

7.1. Adrenal Cortex

7.1.1. Glucocorticoids Liver Fatty Tissue Disorders

7.1.2. Mineralocorticoids Kidneys

7.1.3. Sex Hormones

7.1.4. Notes

7.2. Adrenal Medulla

7.2.1. Non-steroid hormones Adrenaline/Epineprine Noradrenaline/Norepinephrine Fight or flight response Pupil dilation Release of stored glucose from liver Vasodilation to important organs Increase in heart rate, breathing and blood pressure

8. Gonads

8.1. Testes

8.1.1. produces testosterone - Healthy development of male sex organs - Growth of facial and body hair - Lowering of the voice - Increase in height - Increase in muscle mass - Growth of the Adam’s apple

8.2. Ovaries

8.2.1. Estrogen - Development of breasts - Growth of hair under genitals and under arms - Widening of hips - Increase in body fat

8.2.2. Progesterone - Maintains pregnancy - Inhibits ovulation - Contribute to abnormal menstrual periods and menopausal symptoms

9. Digestive Glands

9.1. Stomach

9.1.1. Gastrin Gastric Glands Release Gastric Juices Enterogastrone

9.2. Small Intestine

9.2.1. Secretin Pancreas Release of bicarbonate ions Releases enzymes Liver and Gallbladder Releases Bile