Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter Action Plan 2015

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Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter Action Plan 2015 by Mind Map: Internet Society Hong Kong Chapter Action Plan 2015

1. Internet Society 2015 Action Plan Overview

1.1. Strategic Objectives (SO)

1.1.1. SO.1 Facilitate and promote global, regional, and local policy environments that enable the continuing evolution of an open Internet" SO.1.A SO.1.B

1.1.2. SO.2A Increase the global relevance and recognition of collaborative, bottom- up, technical, consensus-based open standards development in order to protect permissionless innovation for the availability of the open Internet for current and future users" SO.2A.A SO.2A.B

1.1.3. SO.2B Increase development and use of security and resiliency technologies and best practices, shape the evolution of online identity infrastructures, and improve choice and consent in the handling of user data" SO.2B.A SO.2B.B

1.1.4. SO.3 Provide equal development opportunities for all people by promoting the relevance, deployment, and adoption of the open Internet" SO.3.A SO.3.B SO3.C

1.1.5. SO 4 Increase the visibility and influence of the Internet Society as the recognized, trusted source on Internet issues" SO4.A SO4.B SO4.C

1.2. Operational Objectives (OO)

1.2.1. OO.1 Create an environment that allows ISOC to use the Internet to gather real data and experiences, capitalizes on our diverse communities, and delivers messages and tools to our audiences" OO.1.A OO.1.B OO.1.C

1.2.2. OO.2 Mobilize and energize our staff, emerging leaders, past and present ISOC Members, and other identified ISOC stakeholders to leverage and expand our outreach on an inclusive local, regional, and global scale to advance our mission" OO.2.A OO.2.B

1.2.3. OO.3 Nurture a culture that mirrors the Internet attributes we wish to emulate —a team-oriented culture that values openness/inclusivity, global and cultural diversity, honesty, trust and collaboration. We look to be focused, forward thinking, flexible and dynamic within an environment where decision-making is transparent and accountability is maintained OO.3.A OO.3.B OO.3.C

2. Market

2.1. Country's / Geographic region's Population

2.1.1. 7.26 Million Population

2.2. Internet penetration

2.2.1. 80% home with computer and Internet connection Check this report by Gov, it is the source:

2.3. Other Associations (Name/Type/Membership numbers)

3. Membership

3.1. Membership categories

3.1.1. Full member Dues paid 200 HK$ Terms of membership be a general member for 2 years be active in the Chapters activities Requirement to be a full member to be a Board Member

3.1.2. General Member Dues paid free Terms of Membership general membership accessible to everyone

3.1.3. Students can sign up as general member


3.2.1. 2014 Full Member 38 General Member 1022

3.2.2. 2015 1553 Full Member General Member

3.2.3. 2016 Projection 1800

3.3. REACH

3.3.1. % attending Events

3.3.2. % reached via Web

3.3.3. % in Board / Volunteer roles 9 members active

3.3.4. Number of volunteers per event 3-10 members involved per event

4. 2015 Chapter Actions (and how they relate to ISOC 2015 Action Plan pls add codes like SO.1.A)


4.1.1. 1 Develop a sustainable workforce OO.2.A

4.1.2. 2 Strengthen outreach to Internet/Tech Start-up companies SO.3A.

4.1.3. 3 Increase participation of members to society's activities SO.3A.

4.2. Actions

4.2.1. 1 Develop recurring events for revenue generation SO.3

4.2.2. 2 Organize Start-up focused events such as conference and workshops on latest Internet technologies SO.3

4.2.3. 3 Co-op with various organizations including academic, government, NGOs, Tech companies, etc. to expand ISOC HK's exposure to target OO.2.A


4.3.1. 1 Extremely limited manpower resources, including the Board of Directors, on developing new initiatives and events OO.2.A

4.3.2. 2 Competition with other IT and professional organizations within the geographical region Getting the Fair share of attention for people to attend the events OO.2.A

4.3.3. 3 Funding resources to cover big events with international speakers. OO.2.A

5. Events

5.1. How many events per year?

5.1.1. 2014 20 events

5.1.2. 2015 20 events (projection) (less Internet Hall of Frame etc. those one-of event, but add back some new project events like CCHK and HKPC security event)

5.2. Attendance

5.2.1. Low

5.2.2. Average

5.2.3. High

5.3. Satisfaction Score of Educational

5.3.1. n/a

5.4. How much do you charge for tickets to attend Education?

5.4.1. ISOC

5.4.2. Non-member

6. Financials

6.1. 2014

6.1.1. components Budget Total INCOME EXPENSES Balance Sheet Total Net Assets Profit & Loss Net Loss Cash Reserves

6.2. 2015

6.2.1. components Budget Total INCOME EXPENSES Balance Sheet Total Cash Reserves

6.3. 2016

7. Board & Committees

7.1. List of Board Members + year of start in board

7.1.1. Board of Directors 2014 – 2015 Chester Soong, Chairman Ben Cheng, Vice Chairman, and Convener, Startup Working Group Ken Lam, Treasurer and Convener, Internet Application Development Working Group Jacky Tsoi, Secretary and Convener, Internet Security and Privacy Working Group Edmon Chung, Director, International Liaison Sang Young, Director, Education and and Convener, Internet Security and Privacy Working Group SC Leung, Director Joe Yau, Director and Convener, Copyright and Creativity Working Group Philip Leung, Director

7.2. Term

7.2.1. 1 or 2 year terms? Term = 1 year, this board has been on board for 2 years.

8. Member Satisfaction


8.1.1. NPS Scores 2014 Not measured 2015 Not Measured

8.1.2. Future NPS ( = ambition )