Business Plan 101

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Business Plan 101 by Mind Map: Business Plan 101

1. Why are you writing one?

1.1. Who are you writing it for?

1.1.1. To get financing from a bank.

1.1.2. To get financing from an individual.

1.1.3. To crowdfund.

1.1.4. To help you know where you're headed.

1.1.5. Other :___________

1.2. How to write one?

1.2.1. FREE | SCORE Service Corps of Retired Executives

2. Let's run your business ... (What goes into one?)

2.1. Traditional Business Plan

2.1.1. Executive Summary (aka Elevator Speech) Written last

2.1.2. Company Legal Description

2.1.3. Products and Services I am selling these products and or services ABC for $x EFg for $y HIJ for $Z

2.1.4. Marketing How to create a Blue Ocean business Who is your ideal paying customer?

2.1.5. Operations Plan

2.1.6. Organization & Management

2.1.7. Bios of Key Management

2.1.8. Intellectual Property & Key Assets

2.1.9. Financial Plan

2.1.10. Appendix

2.2. My Vujà Dé Business Plan

2.2.1. Describe my ideal day in specific detail.

2.2.2. Describe my financial goals in specific detail.

2.2.3. Who do I want to buy from me? My ideal paying customer

2.2.4. What do I want to sell? Marketing Pricing of Products/Services

3. Build Your Business Around YOU

3.1. Ideal Day

3.1.1. Write out exactly what your ideal day looks like

3.1.2. Where are you working?

3.1.3. How are you working?

3.1.4. What are you working on?

3.1.5. Why are you working?

3.2. Ideal Financial Life

3.2.1. How much money do you make?

3.2.2. What portion is passive income?

3.2.3. How many revenue streams do you have?