World Religons

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World Religons by Mind Map: World Religons

1. Hinduism

1.1. Over 900,000,000 people study hinduism

1.2. Hinduism is the most oldest religion

1.3. The Ancient Varnas still take a big roll in society

1.4. Beliefs

1.4.1. They believe in a god called Brahman

1.4.2. Most animals in India are sacred, they believe

1.4.3. they believe in Karma, (good/bad karma)

1.5. Spiritual References

1.5.1. Hindus clean there feet before they pray

1.5.2. Hindus walk around the shrine for respect

1.5.3. Most Hindus have shrines in their homes

1.6. Sacred Writings

1.6.1. They wrote down written records on a material called Sanskrit

1.6.2. Sacred writings are very important because they wrote down important records

1.6.3. One sacred writing tells that you have a duty to fulfill

2. Buddhism

2.1. Most Buddhist people live in china

2.2. Sadarta mediated and found the answer and became known as the "Budda"

2.3. Beliefs

2.3.1. They believed that when someone dies they go into recarnation

2.3.2. They believe that Budda was the first person to reach Nirvana

2.4. Spiritual leaders

2.4.1. Dali lama was the most important leader, the 14th leader

2.4.2. Dali lama means teacher

2.4.3. He lived for about 600 years

2.5. The two largest religions in Buddhism are Mahayana and Theraya

2.6. Traditions

2.6.1. They meditated to find peace

2.6.2. They made a vow to not harm any living thing

2.6.3. they prayed to their ancestors in a shrine or temple

2.6.4. they placed flags outside of their houses

2.7. Holidays

2.7.1. they believed in this holiday called O-bor

2.7.2. they had feasts to bring your family together

3. Christianity

3.1. Practiced by 2 billion people all across the world

3.2. Jesus was the most important leader

3.3. Jesus believed in one god

3.4. people who followed Jesus Christ were known as Christans

3.5. A priest is a person who teaches about Jesus in churches

3.6. Beliefs

3.6.1. Believed in the Trinity which means 3 persons

3.6.2. Believes that Jesus Christ is god's son

3.6.3. we believe that Jesus Christ crucified himself for us

3.7. Sacred writings

3.7.1. one sacred book is called the bible

3.7.2. the bible teaches about the old testament (sacred writings) and the new testament (gospels)

3.8. Practices

3.8.1. Holy communion

3.8.2. Baptisim

3.8.3. Confirmation

3.9. Holidays

3.9.1. Christmas (birth of Jesus)

3.9.2. Easter (death and resurrection of Jesus)

4. Judaism

4.1. Is the most oldest organized religion the forefather of the jews was Abraham, who grew up in Mesopotamia believed in the Ten commandments they refer the Old Testament to the Torah the first people were the hebrews to proclaim monethism their followers were called Jews. Holidays Hanukkah

5. islam

5.1. Islam was founded by a person referred to Mohammed He was a merchant and a shephard He often meditated in a nearby cave Mohammed claimed that Allah was the same God worshipped by the Jews and bbbb Christians Sawn-is a time when the people will go without eating or drinking until dawn they read the kuran to know how god wanted them to live Beliefs Believed in a god called “Allah” they believe in the Five Pillars of Faith, that are duties that have to be fulfilled they believe every one weak or poor is equal in the eyes of god believes their life now determines what the afterlife is going to be