world religions

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world religions by Mind Map: world religions

1. One of the oldest religions ever

2. Hindu's marry people in there own cast system

3. Everything is part of there god Brahman

4. Shiva has the power to destroy the world

5. Dots on women's forehead represent good luck

6. Hindus don't eat beef because cows are sacred there

7. All water is sacred the Ganges is the most sacred

8. They believe in reincarnation witch is life death and reborn

9. Hndus clean them selfs efore

10. christiantity

10.1. Christianity got divided

10.1.1. christans belived in God/Jesus

10.2. Christianity is the largest religion in the world

10.3. church is lead by a pastor

10.3.1. Jesus came to show Gods love

10.4. Jesus died on the cross for every one

10.4.1. churches where made for jesus God

10.5. Batism is important

10.5.1. people of isrel danced for Jesus

11. Islam

11.1. Founded by Mohammed

11.1.1. Allah was a belife in one God

11.2. Mohammed clamied Allah was the same God that Jews worshiped

11.2.1. Islam means submission to Allah

11.3. Followers think Mohammed recived his first message

11.3.1. They must make a pilgramige

11.4. The five pillars of faith are the religous duty

11.5. During Ramanda muslims cannot eat or drink during daylight

11.5.1. There are no Gods but Allah is there prophet

12. Hinduism

13. Judiasm

13.1. The oldest religion

13.1.1. Creation of a single God Abraham grew up in Mesopotamia.

13.2. He became belifed as the entire unuvers

13.2.1. Ancient peole belived in Idols The herbrews where the first people

13.3. Jews don't belief that God has human characteristics

13.3.1. God as one who demanded proper moral conduct Ten commandment which came directly from God Commandments where a set of simple law

14. Buddism

14.1. Buddism is a simple religion to 300 million people around the world

14.1.1. The buddha was not a God

14.2. The king shielded Siddhartha Gotama of reigion

14.2.1. Sidd's Father was the king of where they lived

14.3. When Siddhartha became older he looked behind the walls that sheilded him and saw bad things

14.3.1. He belived That human suffer because they desire

14.4. The buddha teached the eight fold path

14.4.1. Sidd believed that if you stop desiring you wont suffer

14.5. Budists beleived in reincarnation

14.5.1. Reincarnation is you die and if you lead a good life you would go to a higher cast system and be re born