Religions of The Worlds

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Religions of The Worlds by Mind Map: Religions of The Worlds

1. Hinduism

1.1. More than 80% of India's population is Hindu's.

1.2. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion.

1.3. Ghandhi was a great leader that used non-violent acts to be political about Hinduism.

1.4. Brahman is the main god.

1.5. Girls and women wear bindies on their foreheads.

1.6. Mahabharta is an ancient epic that Hindus still follow today.

1.7. Karma is all of your acts and thoughts, good and bad.

1.8. Sanskrit is an ancient writing.

1.9. Moksha is nirvana, a place of complete peace and happiness.

1.10. People warshipped nature gods.

2. Buddhism

2.1. 6% of the world's population is made up of Buddhists.

2.2. Siddhartha saw an old man.

2.3. Siddhartha saw a wounded man.

2.4. Siddhartha saw a dead man.

2.5. Siddhartha saw a religious man.

2.6. Siddhartha became the Buddha.

2.7. Suffering is a part of life.

2.8. There is an end to suffering.

2.9. Suffering comes from desires.

2.10. There are more than 360 million Buddhist.

3. Christianity

3.1. Christianity is the biggest religion in the world.

3.2. This religion includes a man named Jesus.

3.3. Jesus was a Jewish man.

3.4. Christianity is monotheistic religion.

3.5. Jesus was crucified and resurrected to heaven.

3.6. All of the Christian writings are written in the Bible.

3.7. Jesus became Jesus Christ when the disciples figured out that he had helped them.

3.8. Christians believe that God is made of 3 persons, the father, the son, and the holy spirit.

3.9. Christianity is in all of the humanly populated continents.

3.10. Martin Luther protested against Christianity because of it's beliefs. The had reformed the beliefs.

4. Judaism

4.1. The oldest religion.

4.2. First monotheistic religion.

4.3. Moses lead the Jews out of Egypt.

4.4. Judaism includes the 10 Commandments.

4.5. Judaism is anti senatism.

4.6. Russians used programs to keep the Jew population down.

4.7. 6 million Jews were killed in a holocaust.

4.8. Sabath is a day of rest.

4.9. Families have dinner together on Fridays.

4.10. Torah is the story and journey of the Jews.

5. Islam

5.1. Islam is a monotheistic religion

5.2. The Islamic religion was founded by Mohammed.

5.3. Mohammed was a religious, political, and military leader.

5.4. Mohammed had visions of Angel Gabriel.

5.5. 622 is the year when Islam started instead of 0.

5.6. Islam had the 5 Pillars of Faith.

5.7. Alcohol and pork were forbidden from eating and drinking.

5.8. The holy book of this religion is Quran.

5.9. The worshiping place is called a Mosque.

5.10. The holy book of this religion is Quran.

5.11. There was a month when you could only eat in darkness.