World Religion

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World Religion by Mind Map: World Religion

1. Hinduism

1.1. This is founded anywhere in India, 80% of the people practice this and is one of the oldest religions.

1.2. They worship spirit virtues that control all and is the reason things are they way they are. They were Polytheism.

1.3. Everything is this way because of Brahman. Brahman is everything and can be worshipped in many forms.

1.4. Rivers are sacred the Ganges is the most sacred because it is where you bathe to wash away you sins and you dump a dead person ashes there as a sign of respect.

1.5. One thing they highly believe in is the soul is eternal. They believe the soul goes through life-death-rebirth and keeps doing this until one is good and goes to Moska.

1.6. Karma is the reason for bad and good thoughts and actions.

1.7. One thing they highly believe in is the soul is eternal. They believe the soul goes through life-death-rebirth and keeps doing this until one is good and goes to Moska.

1.8. Temples are sacred they are the earthly place for gods.

1.9. Most people have shrines in their home to worship their gods.

1.10. There are many holidays in the Hindu religion.

2. Buddhism

2.1. Buddhism belief in giving up worldly things to reach nirvana.

2.2. Buddhism started by a Prince named Siddhartha Gautama. He was the first person to reach nirvana.

2.3. They believed suffering is because of worldly things. To stop desire is to follow the Four Noble Truth.

2.4. Four Noble Truths

2.4.1. Suffering is part if life

2.4.2. Suffering comes from desire of wordly things

2.4.3. There is a end to all of suffering

2.4.4. To end suffering follow the EightFold Path

2.5. Eightfold Path: right thought, right speech, right action, right lively herd, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration

2.6. Dharma is the law of Buddhism everyone has their own duty.

2.7. They believe to puts needs of others before your own.

2.8. Reincarnation: birth-life-death-rebirth over and over

2.9. Karma is for the reason of you good and bad thoughts and feelings.

2.10. You were Buddha when you were fully enlighten and reached nirvana which is no suffering

3. Judaism

3.1. The basic belief for Judaism is the 10 commandments which come directly from God.

3.2. JUdaism was one of the first religion to worship one god this is called monotheism.

3.3. They believed that Canaan was the promise land given from God.

3.4. The history of their relationship with God is told in the first book of the bible.

3.5. Judaism has been attacked and a religion most countries had laws against one of them was Adolf Hitler.

3.6. Shu, synagogues, temples were all places to study, worship, prayer and have ceremonies.

3.7. They have Rabbis that are teachers and who read the scrolls during ceremonies.

3.8. They keep the sabbath day holy . The days are Friday night and Saturdays.

3.9. 6 million Jews were killed during the holocaust.

3.10. Today there is 14 million jews.

4. Islam

4.1. Islam was founded by Mohammed religious, political, and military leader.

4.2. Islam means submissions (to Allah).

4.3. Followers believed Mohammed was the greatest prophet of God.

4.4. Muslims believed the Quran contains the words revealed from Mohammed to God.

4.5. The Five Pillars of Faith are basic duties from the religious that each follower should fulfill during their lifetime.

4.6. They believed in one God and Mohammed is the prophet. Based off of polytheists. They pray 5 times a day facing east towards Mecca.

4.7. 1 Million Muslims today.

4.8. Mohammed had no pictures of his face he said he was not to be worship but only the messenger.

4.9. Five Pillars of Faith

4.9.1. Shadda

4.9.2. Salah

4.9.3. Zakah

4.9.4. Sawn

4.9.5. Hajj

4.10. They believe you should go once in your lifetime to Ka'Bah.

4.11. They believed in helping the needy people and poor.

5. Christianity

5.1. They believe in one god.

5.2. They believe that Jesus Christ was the savior.

5.3. Trinity: God is father, son, holy spirit.

5.4. God is all powerful and Jesus is his son. Jesus died on the cross for everyone.

5.5. They baptize for blessings and to be washed clean again.

5.6. Bible is their sacred writing. They also believe in the Lord's Prayer.

5.7. Believe that you should follow Jesus path so you can return and live with God forever.

5.8. They believe you should repent for your sins you have committed.

5.9. Many churches have statues of Mary, Jesus and spiritual leaders.

5.10. They take sacraments for blessings and beliefs.

5.11. Religious holidays: Christmas: Mark birth of christ. Easter: Marks his death and resurrection.